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Webinar on digital rights and citizenship for young Europeans

On Wednesday, 25 May 2016, youth panellists from across the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) are invited to attend a first webinar on digital rights and citizenship, entitled Digitally connected, digitally empowered – realising children's and young people's rights in a digital age and creating a better internet. 

Katarzyna Pawelczyk and Jasmina Byrne from UNICEF will present an expert view on how to empower young people to take advantage of their digital rights and become digital citizens. Additionally, Kimberly Anastácio from Brazil will provide the youth perspective on digital rights and youth participation, showcasing the outcomes of the Youth@IGF programme, which brought together young leaders from Latin America and the Caribbean to debate about digital rights and internet governance issues.
The webinar fits into a youth participation and engagement strategy that aims to incentivise young people to get involved in internet governance discussions on a more consistent and regular basis by acquiring the adequate knowledge and skills to both facilitate understanding and building of personal opinions on issues related to how the internet ecosystem works. The output from these sessions will be shared more widely via the Better Internet for Kids portal at
  • Type: News
  • Date:24/05/2016
  • Author:BIK team