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Get ready for YOUthDIG 2019!

As every year, the season of internet governance events is opened by YOUthDIG (Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance) and of course, EuroDIG (the European Dialogue on Internet Governance) hosted this year in The Hague, the Netherlands.

Scheduled to take place between 16 and 18 June, the YOUthDIG brings together a group of young people (between the ages of 18-30) to take part in discussions, to develop their knowledge on everything related to internet governance, to network and of course to have fun, thus preparing youth participants to take part in the EuroDIG process.

This year, apart from the traditional delegation from the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs), two of the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Ambassadors coming from Austria and Greece and will contribute and participate in both events.

Why is YOUthDIG so important?
First of all because it helps to engage with the next generation of Internet governance leaders and to make their voice and concerns heard.
YOUthDIG offers numerous opportunities for peer-learning among youths from most European countries, for discussing and exchanging with experienced net politics practitioners and most of all for shaping the youth messages which will be presented at EuroDIG and at IGF (Internet Governance Forum).

What should you expect?
The agenda for this year's edition is still work in progress, but it can already be consulted on the event's Wiki. The Insafe delegation, together with the three Better Internet for Kids (BIK) Youth Ambassadors will be contributing to several sessions about the BIK Youth Ambassadors' programme and one which will be tackling the trend of online challenges

To remain up to date with what is happening at YOUthDIG this year, we invite you to keep an eye on the Better Internet For Kids (BIK) portal for follow-up articles as well as follow us on social media for live tweeting (@BIK_youth and @Insafenetwork).

And while you're waiting for the events to unfurl, satisfy your curiosity about what BIK Youth Ambassadors did at previous editions of YOUthDIG and EuroDIG: refresh your memory reading a series of youth testimonial articles from EuroDIG 2018 and EuroDIG 2017

  • Type: Youth
  • Date:11/06/2019
  • Author:BIK Team