How does Better Internet for Kids work for youth?

Under the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) umbrella, many smaller projects, campaigns and initiatives were created, all believing in a better internet for children and young people. Aiming to give youth a one-stop-shop to share their views on how to build a better internet, the BIK Youth minisite was launched! 
The main objective? To raise awareness about the importance of involving youth participants in safer/better internet discussions. This BIK Youth minisite provides a space to present ideas, views and experiences from youth, while also reporting on national, European and international youth participation models, practices and success stories. 
How did we get here? Each year, a European Youth Panel (YEP) is organised prior and during the Safer Internet Forum (SIF), encouraging a group of youth panellists and ambassadors to voice not just their personal opinions and challenges, but also those of their peers whom they are representing at a European level. Youth panellists work together to come up with principles and scenarios for a better internet, first debating issues in online meetings and brainstorming over youth participation scenarios as preparation for meeting face to face.

Who plays what part in Youth participation scenarios?

A co-creation process with young people is behind this project, where ultimately young people develop youth participation scenarios for online safety guidance, learning, campaigning and/or decision making. Following the launch of this minisite in November 2017, BIK Youth panellists and ambassadors continue to be actively involved in creating a number of youth participation scenarios and implementation models. Check them out in the Participation section of this website! 
Who are they addressing? Youth! The outcomes of this work will also provide a structured overview of how BIK Youth panellists – together with other stakeholders – co-create and implement youth-focussed scenarios to cover the key principles essential to creating a better internet.

Youth and BIK stakeholders

BIK Youth panellists and ambassadors aim to voice their opinions to a range of Better Internet for Kids stakeholders while reflecting on, and providing specific guidance for, public sector and industry commitments.  
Examples? The Alliance to better protect minors online is a self-regulatory initiative aiming to improve the online environment for children and young people. The Alliance launched its Statement of Purpose during Safer Internet Day 2017, which introduced nine actions under three main strands: User-empowerment, Enhance collaboration, and Awareness raising.
All companies taking part in the Alliance have also submitted individual commitments according to their business activity. BIK Youth panellists had the chance to interact with the Alliance during both Safer Internet Day 2017 and Safer Internet Forum 2017, bringing their input and addressing real challenges on online safety.

Meet the Ambassadors


Henkka (Finland) 

Henkka, an 18-year-old YouTuber from Finland, has been sharing his life to thousands of people on social media for 5 years. His content is also published by the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle's program and content entity for teens on multiple platforms and on social media.

Henkka took part in the 2017 edition of YEP and is working with Save the Children Finland.



Olivia (Denmark)

My name is Olivia, I'm a 17-year-old student from Denmark. I'm extremely passionate about the safer internet agenda and the overall goal of creating a better internet. I have been volunteering for Save the Children Denmark for the past five years, during which I have attended both international and national Internet Governance Forums (IGFs). I have been involved in projects aiming to improve children's and young people's rights and knowledge on the internet. I am looking forward to continuing the work with my national Safer Internet Centre (SIC) and as a part of the European Youth Panel.



João Pedro (Portugal)

João is a 20-year-old Computer Engineering student at the University of Coimbra. He has been a Youth Ambassador for about six years.
Born in Portugal, he was one of the first members from outside Lisbon to join the youth panel of his national Safer Internet Centre (SIC). After attending a Safer Internet Forum (SIF) in Luxembourg in 2011 representing his country, he was invited to be a Youth Ambassador. Since then he has attended some seminars – including one in Paris at Vivendi headquarters, and another one in Cachan. He also attended the European Parliament for the launch of the WebWeWant handbook, and participated in two more editions of Safer Internet Forum, one of which took place in Brussels. Throughout the years, he has had the opportunity to both raise awareness among his peers and learn about online safety issues. All these events have also been extraordinary occasions to meet many interesting people from all around the world.
Young people's opinions are very important for Joao and he believes that they should be taken into account by both politicians and industry. That is why he is involved in several projects, most of them connected to youth participation in debates and decision making processes. More recently, he has worked alongside his national SIC to organise lectures in local schools and regional events, and has been involved in internet governance events, both at national (Incode2030 and Portuguese IGF – 2016/17) and international (Global IGF – Mexico 2016) levels.


Laura (Romania)

My name is Ionela-Laura, I am 19 years old and I'm from Romania. I am a student at the "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture in Bucharest and I have been part of the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) (Save the Children Romania) since 2014. I have participated in trainings, gaining knowledge about the safe use of the internet and new online technologies, and I have acquired skills for working with children. I have held informative sessions in schools for children, which helped the Romanian SIC to raise awareness about the dangers as well as the benefits of the online environment. My motto: " be the change you want to see in the world".



Viktorija (Lithuania)

Hi, I'm Viktorija, I'm 17 and I come from Lithuania. I have been a part of Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in Lithuania for the past three years. I was a Youth Panellist in both the 2015 and 2017 editions of the European Youth Panel (YEP). My biggest passions are the arts and IT. I am ready to bring my contribution to the best future we all can have!  




Noah (Luxembourg)

Hi, I'm Noah, I'm 17 years old and I'm from Luxembourg. I'm still in high school and I am currently involved in a range of activities with the national Safer Internet Centre (SIC), BEE-SECURE in my leisure time. Occasionally I contribute to the SIC's activities as a youth journalist. 





Paulina (Lithuania)

I am a 18-year-old student from Vilnius, Lithuania. Last year, I took part in the #TogetherForRespect campaign launched in Brussels during the Safer Internet Forum (SIF). I am a creative, hardworking perfectionist committed to bringing my contribution to BIK Youth initiatives in which I have a lot of faith – together with my colleagues, we can achieve a lot!




Lili (Austria)

My name is Lili Leißer and I am a student in Vienna, Austria. After graduations this year, I intend to pursue my education at the main university in Vienna. I have been active at the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) in my city for the past three years and I am looking forward to new tasks and adventures with Safer Internet Forum (SIF) and the European Youth Panel (YEP).




Fanni (Hungary)

I'm Fanni from Hungary. I'm a member of the Hungarian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) Youth Panel. I am studying programming in Budapest and I have a longstanding interest in the continuously changing online world. We can't change the whole world in one day, but we should pay attention to our surroundings every day and make small changes.    





Sophie (United Kingdom)

I'm Sophie Hextall, a youth representative for Childnet from England. As a member of the cyber generation, I have a great interest in the cyber world and the ways in which it affects young people.




Chiara (Belgium)

My name's Chiara and I'm from Belgium ! I'm 18 and I have been volunteering for the Belgian Safer Internet Centre for 2 years. In 2017 I participated in the European  Youth Panel and Safer Internet Forum in Brussels. It was really interesting and with the other youths we launched a campaign named : #togetherforrespect. We wanted something simple, which can be used by everyone on social media - many of my friends for instance  have been asking about it and I'm happy to explain our project, how we launched it and what it is for. I think our campaign is really important because cyber-bullying is something that we cannot let happen. 


Kathrin (Germany)

I started working in the field of safer internet seven years ago when I was still in school. I was a youth panelist for the National Awareness Centre, Klicksafe. For the past three years I have been studying law and have developed an interest in digital law and politics. I have already taken part in a number of Insafe events such as the summer school in Romania, and the Safer Internet Forum, Safer Internet Day celebrations in Brussels, EuroDIG and IGF-D.

I was also involved in the launch of the Youth Manifesto initiative, which was an amazing opportunity for young people to have their say on priorities for creating a better internet for the future. I think it is essential to show everyone – and I really mean everyone: young children, youth, parents and grandparents – that the internet is not a place where only bad things happen, as we often hear on the news. I believe the internet gives great opportunities but we all need to learn how to use it in the right way.

The idea of peer education and the fact that youth from every country in the EU meet up to discuss themes around online safety is one of the greatest things I can imagine. I'm really lucky that I can take part in such great programs and meet such great people!

Charalampos (Greece)

Charalampos is a 20 year old former YEP youth panellist. Currently a student at the Department of Informatics and Telecommunications of National and Kapodistian University of Athens, he is an active participant in international conferences on internet governance such as SEEDIG, IGF, EuroDIG, YouthDIG and the Better Internet for Kids Youth Panel.

In his spare time he is a passionate hiker, cyclist and sailor.