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Awareness centre

As an awareness centre, raises awareness of its five target groups about safe and responsible use of the internet and new technologies. The project's aim is to provide children, teenagers, parents, teachers and social workers with knowledge and tools for guiding, empowering and helping children and teenagers in the digital world. The Slovenian awareness centre has positioned itself as the key resource and knowledge base for children's use of the internet and mobile technologies in Slovenia. A strong network of national stakeholders supports the awareness centre and ensures the dissemination of educational materials, information and advice.
The centre initiates, coordinates and participates in a broad range of activities and initiatives with the aim of raising awareness in this area.
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Children, teenagers, young people and parents that find themselves with a need or predicament associated with the use of the internet or mobile devices can call the toll-free number of the Tom telefon helpline, 111 116. Anonymity and confidentiality of the conversation and callers are guaranteed. Call are accepted on this telephone number every day, including Sundays and holidays, from 12.00 to 20.00. Additionally, questions can also be asked via the contact form on the website of Tom Telefon. A chat room is also available several times a week. The counsellors at the helpline are trained to be able to give helpful advice to callers, to guide them to help them resolve the issues themselves, or direct them to other institutions that can help.

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Hotline Spletno oko enables internet users to anonymously report hate speech and child sexual abuse images they come across online. The main mission of the hotline Spletno oko is to reduce the amount of child sexual abuse images and hate speech online in close cooperation with the police, internet service providers (ISPs), and other governmental and non-governmental organisations in Slovenia. The hotline achieves its mission through the following goals: hotline operation, which enables anonymous reporting of illegal content on the internet, awareness raising about illegal online content, fast and effective analysis of received reports, cooperation with other hotlines around the world, to exchange reports and best practices, and monitoring of notice and take down (NTD) of child sexual abuse images on Slovenian servers.

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Youth participation


Coordination of youth participation activities enables discussions with children and young people about their online experiences. The goal is to gain their opinions and suggestions and include them in discovering new trends, risks and knowledge gaps in order to prepare relevant awareness-raising resources, web content, workshops and other activities that meet their needs and give them the knowledge they need.

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Key successes

The awareness centre has positioned itself as the key resource and knowledge base for children's use of the internet and mobile technologies in Slovenia. The project has realised excellent results in collaborating with schools. The awareness centre has been involved actively in educating young people, parents and teachers about the opportunities and potential risks of using the internet since 2007. It is the most recognised brand in Slovenia, offering trainings on online safety. On average, we visit more than 330 schools and educate more than 23,000 youngsters, parents and teachers annually.

Infographic showing trainings in 2018/19 school year

Key partners/supporters

The Slovenian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) is supported nationally by a broad network of stakeholders. The main supporter is the Ministry of Public Administration, Information Security Administration of the Republic of Slovenia, which also supports the centre financially. Additionally, a whole range of institutions from public sector organisations and bodies to NGOs, industry players, media, educational organisations and experts support the goal of the Slovenian Safer Internet Centre to create a better internet for all users, and especially children and youngsters.

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