Serbian Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre

The Serbian Safer Internet Centre organises a series of awareness-raising activities twice each year in different towns and cities, primary and secondary schools, for pupils and students, their parents and caretakers, as well as for teachers, school psychologists and local representatives of the RS Ministry of Education.
Through a series of interactive presentations, workshops, peer educators' workshops, forum theatre plays, trainings for peer educators, children's focus groups, consultations on improving education and safety of children in the field of ICT use with students, quizzes on the safe use of ICT for children and youth, presentations for parents and caretakers, educational interviews with school personnel, and seminars for teachers and school psychologists, different aspects of safer internet and ICT use and existing and emerging online threats and viable options for ICT use in schools are presented.
All the awareness-raising activities provide detailed and clear explanations of threats from child sexual abuse material (CSAM), cyberbullying, phishing, online predators, hate speech, as well as the guidelines on netiquette, personal data protection, privacy settings and safe use of social networking sites. Both children and their teachers are encouraged to safely use the online contents and ICT resources in the classroom.
The Click Safely website ( is the main platform of the Click Safely SIC Serbia, and a resource for the general public that provides relevant information on potential risks, threats and advantages, and about responsible and safer ICT use. The Click Safely website offers special online educational tools, games and quizzes that were specifically developed for children and young internet users.
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There is no operational Helpline in CSSIC Serbia.


Net Patrola is the safer internet hotline established to allow the reporting and processing of submissions of illegal or harmful content on the internet - child sexual abuse material (CSAM), cyberbullying and hate speech.
The main priority in the work of the hotline is countering the spread of child sexual abuse images, sexual exploitation, and physical and psychological attacks against children.
The hotline offers everyone an opportunity to report illegal and disturbing content through the various different reporting methods - people can visit the website and the hotline to report the content by filling out the online form provided and submitting it online or reporting by email.
From November 2013, Net Patrola has been a member of INHOPE, the International Association of Internet Hotlines.
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Youth participation

The Serbian youth panel consists of 70 school children aged 11 to 18, who are representatives of primary and secondary schools from three Serbian towns.
Regular youth panel meetings are organised for its members to provide meaningful insights and suggestions for current and future awareness-raising activities and design and production of tools for the CSSIC. Youth panel members also participate and contribute to consultations on improving the education and safety of children in the field of information technology. 
Based on the information gathered at the consultations, a White Paper has been prepared as a proposal of ways to improve the formal and non-formal education in the field of responsible and safe use of the internet and ICT, which was handed over to representatives of the RS Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.
From October 2015, membership of the youth panel will be expanded with 80 new primary and secondary schools' students from three more Serbian towns. Additionally, eight more consultations on improving the education and safety of children in the field of information technology will take place.

Key successes

In the past two and a half years of CSSIC's (Click Safely Safer Internet Centre Serbia) existence, nearly 38,000 participants (children, youth, parents, teachers and stakeholders) were involved in various events and education and awareness-raising activities organised or co- organised by CSSIC Serbia.
25 per cent of the overall number of reports analysed by the Net Patrola Hotline is actionable child sexual abuse material (CSAM) content.
CSSIC Serbia managed to develop a good network of national partners and stakeholders, and an excellent relationship with the LEA (law enforcement agencies).

Key partners/supporters

Click Safely Safer Internet Centre Serbia (CSSICS) was established in January 2013. The CSSIC Project is implemented by a tripartite consortium - Foundation Fund B92, the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications and the Republic of Serbia Ministry of Interior.
This project is a continuation and upgrade of the ‘Click Safely' Campaign launched in 2009 by the then Digital Agenda Directorate of the RS Ministry for Telecommunications and Information Society.
During the period 2013-2015, the 'Click Safely' Safer Internet Centre Serbia Project was funded by the European Commission (Safer Internet Programme). The project was additionally financially supported by Save the Children for North West Balkans and OAK Foundation, Telenor Serbia, Telekom Serbia, Serbian National Internet Domain Registry and Dräger Technics Belgrade, Compact Industry Svilajnac, and Publishing Division Samizdat B92.
In the course of 2015 and 2016, the CSSIC Project is funded by UNICEF Serbia and the UK Government, the US Embassy in Belgrade and the Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications.

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