Russian Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre


The awareness centre runs a set of awareness-raising activities for different target audiences including events, awareness tools, training and promotion of a positive online environment. It serves as a centre of expertise for the industry and decision-making bodies, including the legislative process, and co-organises safer and positive internet events and campaigns in partnership with industry and NGOs.

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Helpline activities became part of the federal helpline consulting project (ChildHelpLine) providing consulting in difficult life situation for children and parents, with deep regional penetration and raising consultants' level of awareness. The SIC contribution to the project covers online environment issues including bullying, sexting, consulting on safety issues, and so on.

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The hotline is a tool for anonymous reporting about illegal content of different types (child sexual abuse material (CSAM) and grooming, bullying and scenes of child humiliation, racism/xenophobia and propaganda of terrorism, distribution of narcotics, special reporting forms for missing children cases, online frauds, and so on). The hotline performs assessment of reported content and initiates notice and takedown procedures about illegal content.
The hotline has been a member of INHOPE since 2009.
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Youth participation

The youth panel is a project aiming at active youth participation in awareness-raising and promotion of a positive online environment, popularising ICT and involving youth in discussions about the development of the digital world.
As a project, the youth panel operates on a central and regional basis, thus involving regional youth in awareness-raising and discussion processes also. The youth panel participates in key awareness and industry events, while also providing its voice to decision-making processes.
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Key successes

Key successes of the Russian integrated Safer Internet project include:
  • Since 2012, the centre has operated the official prototype of the Russian National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.
  • The centre is the national operator of Safe Runet Week - a set of Safer Internet Day (SID) events for Moscow and regions of Russia, held annually since 2008.
  • A network of partners from industry, educators and NGOs helps the centre to provide its expertise in regions of such a big country as Russia.

Key partners/supporters

The Russian Safer Internet Centre works in cooperation with decision-making and executive bodies, law enforcement, the internet industry, educators and civil society. Among the ‘founding fathers' of the centre are key Russian NGOs representing internet-users (ROCIT), Civiс Chamber of Russian Federation, and the Child Ombudsman of Russia.
From the industry side, one of the main supporters is the Russian Association for Electronic Communications (RAEC) - a key internet-industry organisation in the country, uniting over 100 large IT- and telecom-industry players.

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