Romanian Safer Internet Centre

Awareness centre

The awareness centre offers children, parents, teachers and other professionals information and resources on online safety issues through a range of activities such as:
  • Public campaigns: online, TV, newspapers and public events.
  • Direct awareness-raising activities in schools, both with children and their parents and teachers. 
  • Training specialists such as social workers, school counsellors and prevention police.
  • Resource development, especially for use in the classroom or in non-formal educational activities.
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The Romanian helpline offers counselling on internet-related issues through chat, telephone and email. Its main focus is children and adolescents, but parents and specialists are also encouraged to call. 

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The hotline deals with illegal content on the internet, especially child sexual abuse images, but also tackles reports related to hate speech.

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Youth participation


An important role in the ongoing project in Romania is played by the group of youth volunteers which are youngsters trained in online safety by the Save the Children team. The activities in which they are involved are informative sessions for children, teenagers and teachers in schools and high schools, meetings with parents, street campaigns, safer internet caravans and debates about internet safety.

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Key successes

Since 2008 when it was first launched, the Safer Internet Programme has achieved a number of relevant and important results:
  • 250,000 children and 53,000 adults (parents and teachers) were informed.
  • 3,500 children, parents and teachers benefitted from counselling and advice related to internet safety issues.
  • The first guide related to online safety in Romania was developed and launched alongside the Ministry of Education.
  • The Volunteering Programme within the project was awarded best of the year in 2013. 
  • Over 2,000 students and 7,000 teachers have used the online safety resources put at their disposal in order to organise activities.
  • Extending the programme towards young people with hearing impairment and sight impairment.

Key partners/supporters

The Ora de net project is supported by both private and government institutions and entities whose representatives regularly participate in face-to-face meetings organised by Save the Children. The role of the Advisory Board is to give feedback on activities and campaigns developed by the project team, to propose CSR (corporate social responsibility) projects related to internet safety and to work together on policies that are relevant to all stakeholders.
Key supporters of the Romanian Safer Internet Centre include:
  • Google Romania
  • UPC (Liberty Global)
  • Orange
  • Vodafone
  • Telekom
  • BitDefender
  • European Computer Driving Licence
  • Kaspersky Lab
  • The Romanian National Association of Internet Service Providers (ANISP) 
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Communication
  • Ministry of Work and Social Protection 
  • National Authority for Protecting Children's Rights and Adoption.

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