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Digital content is playing an increasingly significant role in children's education, from an ever-younger age. For this reason, teachers and educators should be equipped to properly and effortlessly navigate through the wide array of online content available, in order to ensure the safest, most informative and engaging experiences for their pupils. Positive online content and services have the potential to enrich lessons and any educational activities by taking advantage of children's almost innate fascination and motivation to learn through digital media.


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  • Screenshot of Saferinternet.at mini quiz

    Saferinternet.at - mini quiz for elementary schools

    Country: [Austria],

    Age range: [10-12 years of age]

    Saferinternet.at, the Austrian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), created a quiz for elementary schools about how to be safe on the internet. The quiz is a very low-threshold service and can be played ...

    By Saferinternet.at, the Austrian Safer Internet Centre (SIC)

  • Screenshot of Lilibi


    Country: [Slovenia],

    Age range: [3-6 years of age, 6-8 years of age, 8-10 years of age]

    The web portal Lilibi.si, owned by Rokus Klett Publishing House, is a very popular web portal for teaching and educating children under the age of ten. It is widely used in Slovenian schools as t ...

    By Zalo┼żba Rokus Klett d.o.o. (Rokus Klett Publishing)