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2019 Positive Online Content Awareness Month

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Focus Group Meeting

What is it about?

The Positive Online Content Focus Group meeting, scheduled to take place in Brussels, Belgium on Thursday, 26 September 2019, aims to bring together a select and diverse group of content producers and providers of children's digital content, ranging from online platforms and communities, apps, online games, smart toy producers, start-ups, big tech companies, NGOs funded by industry, and so on. 


  • 11.00 Positive Online Content Campaign 2019.
  • 11.15 Positive Online Content Experts – Who is here?
    Participants' statements: "What POC means for me/my company…".
  • 11.45 What is Positive Online Content?
    What do children and young people think? 
    Positive Online Content criteria checklist.
    How to ensure high-quality online content/services?
    Positive Online Content in a changing technological landscape: industry's state of play.
  • 12.45 Lunch
  • 13.30 What are the main challenges for producers and providers of POC for children?
    How to stay close to the target group and their needs? Involvement of children when creating, producing and providing Positive Online Content.
    How can children's needs be taken into account while balancing fun vs safety?
    How can POC be made sustainable financially (especially for small producers)?
    Children use content/services out of their age range – how can this be addressed? How can producers satisfy their  equirements (and desires) with content/services specifically provided for them? How can " tweens" be targeted, that is to say young people who are too old for children's content yet too young for teen/all-age services? How can safety be ensured on all -age services/platforms? (for example, integrating modern technology while keeping safety in mind with, for example, AI (artificial intelligence) technologies)
    What is the best way forward for POC producers and providers?
  • 14.30 Future of POC: Visibility and synergies
    Positive online content and industry engagement: success stories 
    Intrinsic motivation as a busines s model?
    What kind of support is there for POCC producers and providers? What kind of support is needed?
    Collaborations, joint initiatives, and industry involvement in NGO positive content projects.
    Campaigns, awards, certificates, labelling and so on. Formats for highlighting/praising POC and responsibilities in this regard.
    How can more visibility be given to national POC efforts at EU level?
    How can industry's activities be integrated into the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) agenda?
  • 15.45 Wrap up and conclusions