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#SaferInternet4EU Awards

The #SaferInternet4EU campaign aims to promote online safety, media literacy and cyber hygiene, making children, parents and teachers more aware of digital opportunities and challenges.
And, what better way to promote online safety, media literacy and cyber hygiene than by acknowledging and rewarding some of the achievements in this area? Much work has focused on creating a safer and better digital world for its youngest users, their parents, teachers and carers, through a range of online tools, services, resources and initiatives from a myriad of stakeholders.
In order to celebrate this progress, Commissioner Mariya Gabriel launched the #SaferInternet4EU Awards on Safer Internet Day (SID) 2018, acknowledging also the leading role which the European Union is playing in the field, following up to 20 years of EC-funded safer/better internet programmes.

#SaferInternet4EU Awards competition categories

The #SaferInternet4EU Awards competition will accept applications in the following categories:
  • A best practice competition for organisations, rewarding a high-quality and innovative online safety education programme, resource or awareness-raising campaign. Best practices could target youth, teachers, parents, organisations, or the wider public. This category is open to public and private organisations (including Insafe network organisations), specialists, or academia which are operating within the EU28, Iceland or Norway.
  • A best practice/achiever competition for teachers, rewarding a remarkable and inspiring initiative from a single teacher or a group of teachers.
  • A best practice/achiever competition for youth, rewarding a remarkable and inspiring initiative/resource from a single young person or a group of young people.
All best practices should focus on issues related to the sphere of Better Internet for Kids (BIK), tackling topics such as fake news, cyberbullying, connected toys and privacy concerns, grooming, or exposure to harmful or disturbing content.
The #SaferInternet4EU Awards competition will run from 1 March 2018 until 31 October 2018 and will take place in two phases.

Competition timeline

Phase 1: Launch and selection of finalists (March - June 2018)
  1. Competition launch (1 March 2018).
  2. Submission of applications (1 March 2018) - 15 May 2018).
  3. Review of applications and selection of finalists (15 May 2018 - 30 June 2018).
Phase 2: Preparation of audio-visual materials (finalists only) and public voting (July - October 2018)
  1. Finalists will be asked to prepare and submit audio-visual material to further exemplify their best practice (1 July 2018 - 31 August 2018).
  2. Publication of audio-visual materials on the BIK portal and opening of public vote (28 September 2018).
  3. Close of public voting (31 October 2018).
Competition winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at Safer Internet Forum (SIF) 2018.

Competition rules and conditions

All applications should clearly indicate impact, scalability and originality of the best practice, and provide clarity of presentation also, as these aspects will form part of the evaluation process. 
  • Best practices in any of the EU official languages will be eligible. However, applications forms should be completed in English only.
  • There are no requirements for the format or length of resources, programmes or campaigns, although they should have been created/launched in the last two years.
  • Only one best practice can be submitted per application. However, participants can submit multiple applications, either individually or in groups. In the case of group and cross-border projects, the project can only be submitted in one country which is closely linked to the project. Nominations of other best practices/achievers are very much welcome as well.
  • Only best practices submitted through the online form will be accepted.
  • Applications will be excluded if the resources/projects/initiatives have not yet started, or in the case of incomplete applications or applications sent in several parts.
  • Applicants must be operating in at least one of the 28 Member States of the European Union or Iceland or Norway.
The competition will open for applications on 1 March 2018. Check back for more information at that time or, in case of query, please contact us.