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Actions of the Alliance to better protect minors online on the occasion of SID

The Alliance to better protect minors online is a self-regulatory initiative aiming to improve the online environment for children and young people. Following the European Commission's invitation to come together and take part in a joint effort, leading ICT and media companies, NGOs and UNICEF officially launched the Alliance on Safer Internet Day 2017.

The framework of the Alliance is set in a Statement of Purpose, while companies have committed to complement the action plan with individual commitments according to their business activity.

Company signatories:
Microsoft | Orange | Rovio | Samsung Electronics | Sky | Snap | Spotify | Sulake | Super RTL
TIM (Telecom Italia) | Telefónica | Telenor | Telia Company | Twitter | Vivendi | Vodafone
Associated signatories:
BBFC | Child Helpline International | COFACE | eNACSO | EUN Partnership | FFTelecoms | FOSI | FSM
GSMA | ICT Coalition | NICAM | Toy Industries of Europe | UNICEF

Many are planning specific actions around Safer Internet Day 2018. Read on to find out more...

Company signatories


See the Safer Internet Day profile page for ASKfm.

BT Group

BT Group will be launching a UK-based campaign titled "Safety Snakes" which has combined the need to support children's online safety with the computational thinking skills that will help prepare children to thrive in the digital world.
The campaign has been launched by the Barefoot Computing Project which is funded and managed by BT in collaboration with CAS (Computing at School). The Barefoot Computing Project provides free resources and in-school workshops led by professional trained volunteers for primary school teachers in the UK. To date, it has reached over 1.5 million children and over 50,000 teachers.
The Safety Snakes campaign uses Bee-Bot programming with a snakes and ladders game to inspire, engage and support young people and teachers alike. Take a look at the 2-minute film that shows how Safety Snakes is brought alive in a classroom.
As part of the campaign, any UK teachers who request a workshop before 2 March 2018 for delivery this academic year will receive a Barefoot Safety Snakes pack containing:
  • A detailed Safety Snakes lesson plan.
  • An overview short lesson plan.
  • A printable version of the online safety Bee-Bot mat (4 x A3 size documents).
  • An interactive Scratch Bee-Bot sim.
  • A link to the video, presented by young children, showing how to use the online safety mat.
  • Other lesson resources, including Bee-Bot command cards, unplugged Bee-Bot image, a printable mat square for children to design their own Bee-Bot mats and dos and don'ts teaching points.
We are also promoting this as a great resource that can easily be incorporated into lesson plans for Safer Internet Day on 6 February 2018.
Barefoot Safety Snakes leaflet
Barefoot is free for any teacher, including outside the UK. To register and download resources, teachers simply need to click onto www.barefootcas.org.uk.

Deutsche Telecom

Deutsche Telecom's (DT) specific country actions include:
Germany: According to this year's motto, "Create, connect and share respect", at Deutsches Museum Bonn 50-60 children will deal with responsible internet usage and, in particular, reflect on their own role in it. Dr. Thomas Kremer, Board Member for Data Protection, Law and Compliance at Deutsche Telekom, will visit the individual groups as part of the active working phase.
Greece: Activities related to parental control services, products for parents and informative campaigns mainly addressed to parents.
Croatia: Activities planned with our partners from "Share the positive, block the negative initiative".
As a member of the Alliance to better protect minors online we are happy and willing to support the EU-wide campaign to promote media literacy, critical thinking, digital skills and overall cyber hygiene towards a digital culture across Europe.
Even though services allowing users to share their private data and content with each other (raising problems like such as cyberbullying and fake news) are not in the focus of Deutsche Telekom and its subsidiaries, we are continuously engaging in a variety of different projects to further education and awareness in the context of the respective national culture and education systems. Such initiatives include, among other things:
  • Running own public campaigns and events.
  • Provisioning of awareness-raising material.
  • Support of governmental initiatives.
  • Support of NGOs engaged in the field.
  • Facilitating the work of schools and teachers.
For many years, DT has engaged in the field of child safety online, beyond legal requirements. As a founding member of the ICT Coalition for Children Online, which brings together undertakings across the entire digital market, we have given a public commitment to comply with a variety of principles that are essential for children's online safety and we have published information on how DT national subsidiaries concretely implement these measures. These principles apply to DT's current services and products and go beyond establishing a safeguard also for future developments. 
Also, in the future, DT will comply to its commitments in the scope of the ICT Coalition. For example, we will launch new campaigns and measures, including the launch of DT's platform "Teachtoday" in additional EU markets.


Since 2005, award-winning virtual world Club Penguin has empowered kids to adventure, make friends, and express themselves. Released in 2017 to a new generation of players, Club Penguin Island is an immersive destination with unlimited opportunities for imaginative play. Connecting across mobile and PC/Mac, our nearly 4 million players form an inclusive, engaged online community. Club Penguin Island can be played in 190 countries and in four languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.
On Safer Internet Day 2018, Club Penguin Island will be promoting the message that "Online safety starts with you!", alongside a range of key actions:
Disney Club Penguin Island flyer





The Lego Group


Liberty Global

Parenting in the digital age means not just being aware of dangers such as cyberbullying, but also knowing what to do about it. To support out Safer Internet Day 2018 actions, the following list contains our top 10 tips for a safe and happy online home:
  • Parental controls on different devices.
  • Privacy and security.
  • Setting rules with children for their online presence.
  • Entertainment and downloads.
  • Social media.
  • Online behavior.
  • Digital resilience.
  • Switch off time.
  • Resources.
  • Reporting.
To supplement this, we've produced a Protecting Children Online Plan for 2018 in which we set out in more detail our actions around disseminating our educational materials, raising awareness and promoting digital literacy and empowerment.


Habbo has planned the following exciting activities and events to celebrate Safer Internet Day 2018 worldwide:

SID motto promotion
Habbo will encourage the online communities around the world to support the SID 2018 slogan "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you" by promoting it into their avatar's motto (can be seen on the user's Habbo profile).

Internet Safety Games
We've created a virtual game in which Nina, an employee of a youth centre, will introduce our users to different people who have had negative online experiences. The experiences are related to this year's theme, ¨Create, connect and share respect". We explore four different cases, each seen from a different point of view - that of the victim, the perpetrator, any relatives and an organisation dedicated to the issue in question. The themes we'll cover are listed below:

  • The sharing of "fight videos" online.
  • Revenge porn.
  • Exposure.
  • Anonymous bullying.

During the week of Safer Internet Day week (5-9 February 2018), one interactive storyline will go live every day. Users that complete the storyline activity successfully win a badge.

On day five, we'll be testing all new knowledge gained by the users in a quiz. Every user that answers all the quiz questions correctly receives a special trophy.

We'll also have multiple user-made videos related to the interactive activities.

Video created to promote the Safer Internet Day topics
A user will create a video to be promoted worldwide in our communities to support SID topics: create, connect and share respect.
SID 2018 hashtag on Habbo social networks
Habbo will join the SID campaign Thunderclap and we will promote Safer internet week activities using the SID hashtags - #SID2018 and #SaferInternetDay.
Local country SID activistas
Users will have sessions with organisations such as Save the children in Finland or Fil Santé Jeunes in France.


SUPER RTL's actions for Safer Internet Day 2018 include:

  • Shortly before 6 February 2018, we will launch our new video app for preschoolers called "TOGGOLINO" App and we flank this start with a commentatorship via press release about Safer Internet Day 2018.
  • We are planning a coverage via our TV channels within the Mediengruppe RTL Deutschland about Safer Internet Day 2018.
  • With our engagement at fragFINN, we also support an initiative between Deutsches Kinderhilfswerk/FSM/fragFINN. They will present the new "Internet Guide for Parents" in Berlin on 6 February 2018.

Telia Company

Telia Company will be engaging in a range of actions throughout 2018.
  • On Safer Internet Day, launching a school class training concept to raise children's awareness of privacy and integrity online, based on findings from second round of Children's Advisory Panel with focus on children's privacy and integrity online. The training is brought to schools by Telia volunteers (employees), and developed together with Save the Children Finland and World Childhood Foundation in all Telia's core markets (Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania).
  • On Safer Internet Day, hosting a coding school event at Telia's main office in Helsinki, Finland, as part of the company's commitment and participation in Mediataitoviikko, a week of media education aimed at developing/empowering media skills for children and adults.
  • On Safer Internet Day, participating in a Safer Internet Day Conference in Tallinn, Estonia, organised together with the Estonian Union for Child Welfare.
  • On Safer Internet Day, delivering the lesson "Children's safety on the Internet" and workshop about privacy at schools, together with NGO Vaiku linija in Vilnius, Plunge and Kaunas, Lithuania.
  • On 8 February 2018, delivering a public lesson on "Children's safety on the internet" in Vilnius, Lithuania.
  • On 2 March 2018, an event "My school – my friend" will be held at the Danish schools national friendship/anti bullying day. Telia will be providing education material together with Save the Children Denmark.
  • On 11 April 2018, Telia will be issuing a set of Children's rights guidelines for telcos in connection with the Global Child Forum in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • In September 2018, Telia will participate in a seminar about child sexual abuse material (CSAM), organised by Save the Children Finland for early childhood educators in Jyväskylä, Finland.
Activities throughout the year include:
  • An advertising campaign, "Greatest Courage" against cyberbullying, will continue in various formats and channels in Estonia.
  • Coding classes with children, on request from schools and others, where Telia volunteers teach children and/or parents some coding and discuss a safe and nice internet usage and children's rights online in all Telia's core markets.
  • Smart Surf training with children in schools, offered by Telia volunteers, where we discuss safe settings and a safe and nice behaviour online. Similar training also offered to parents/adults in all Telia's core markets.
  • Education and training of employees in children's rights and safety online. Offered as a general training to employees and mandatory for volunteers in all Telia's core markets
In addition, various information, news and campaigns regarding children online will be shared on our own or partner web portals:









Associated signatories

COFACE Families Europe




EUN Partnership





FSM will focus on two key actions for Safer Internet Day 2018.
Launch of new internet guide for parents
FSM and the expert partner network of fragFINN, DKHW (German children's charity), JFF - Institute for Media Research and Media Education and the safer internet awareness centre "klicksafe" will launch a new web portal for parents and families which will support them guiding their children's use of apps, online games, websites and social networks. It will specifically address different attitudes, approaches and backgrounds dealing with digital challenges, technological developments and strategies in parental media education towards a safe, creative and participatory media usage.
Promotion of factsheet "Create, connect and share respect: A better internet starts with you"
The German hotlines of FSM and eco will share a one-page factsheet to the general public in order to promote five hands-on tips regarding respectful, responsible and safe ways to communicate, share content and participate online. Parents, teachers, young people and general internet users will learn how to use digital and social media in a fun, educational and secure manner, as well as how to benefit from available reporting, alarm and support measures by hotlines, platforms and non-profit services.