Webinar: Zo zet je de MediaDiamant in als professional (NL)

Dutch Safer Internet Centre


Title in English: "Webinar: How to use the MediaDiamant as a professional"

In 2017, Mediawijzer.net (the Dutch centre of expertise for media literacy and part of the Dutch Safer Internet Center) launched the MediaDiamant (MediaDiamond), a handy tool to help parents give direction to the media education of their children (0-18). During the ‘Media Ukkie Dagen' campaign, specific tips for the use with young children (0-6) were added.

As a media literacy professional, you can support parents and educators with media education, making use of the MediaDiamant. How? Watch the webinar in which several experts offer practical advice and tips on how to make use of the new model. The focus lies on the media education of young children (age 0-6).

For more information on how to use the MediaDiamant as a professional, see www.mediawijzer.net/mediadiamant

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