Short informative film "It isn’t funny, it HURTS!" #1


  • Keywords: cyberbullying, data, protection, digital, citizens, digital, footprints, file, sharing, grooming, inappropriate, content, mobile, phones, and, mobile, devices, online, chat, online, gambling, online, hate, online, reputation, privacy, and, personal, information, social, media, and, networking
  • Age range:Older than 7 years old.
  • Resource type: video
  • Available in: lv
  • License:See License
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  • Authors: Latvian Helpline 116111


Short film of Latvian Helpline 116111 „It isn’t funny, it HURTS!” is addressed to youngsters and tells the story of a young girl who experienced humiliation on internet. She spent her day on the beach and took a selfie dressed in a swim suit and sent to her best friends. The girls received photo and decided to forward it to guys from their class who draw some nasty things on that photo showing her body and shared it on social media and messaging apps. Almost all schoolmates saw the nasty photo, commented and laughed about her. The girl thought she can trust her friends, but now feels very disappointed about her so called “friends”.