Short informative film about sextortion “Theft”


  • Keywords: cyberbullying, cybercrime, digital, footprints, file, sharing, mobile, phones, and, mobile, devices, online, chat, online, dating, privacy, and, personal, information, self, harm, content, sexting, sexual, predators, social, media, and, networking
  • Age range:Older than 11 years old.
  • Resource type: case study video
  • Available in: lv
  • License:See License
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  • Authors: Latvian Helpline 116111


Short film of Latvian Helpline 116111 „Theft” is addressed to youngsters and tells the story of a young boy who was sending sexual images to young girl Jessica. He met Jessica online. He was blackmailed then by a predator with the threat of distributing these sexual images if he doesn’t pay money or provide more sexual images. He realized that it was a fake person he was communicating online. He felt desperate and agreed to pay. He became a thief because he was stealing from mom, dad and classmates. He even sold his personal things to get the necessary amount of money.