Short informative film about sextortion “Rape”


  • Keywords: online, chat, online, dating, online, identity, privacy, and, personal, information, sexting, sexual, predators, social, media, and, networking, cyberbullying, digital, footprints, self, harm, content
  • Age range:Older than 14 years old.
  • Resource type: case study video
  • Available in: lv
  • License:See License
  • Read about in: lv
  • Authors: Latvian Helpline 116111


Short film of Latvian Helpline 116111 "Rape" is addressed to youngsters and tells story of a young girl who was sending sexual images to young boy Peter. She met Peter online and thought she is in a relationship with him. She was blackmailed then by a group of predators with the threat of distributing these sexual images if she doesn’t pay money or provide more sexual images. She learnt it was a fake person she was communicating online. There was no Peter just a group of predators who received her nude photos. As she refused to pay and send more pictures, predators offered her to meet and deal with the situation. The girl met predators face to face. Predators entrapped her in a flat promising to delete photos. She took a drink with sleeping pill in it and was raped.