Young people and social media: Youth Internet Monitor 2019

  • Youth
  • 08/04/2019
  • Austrian Safer Internet Centre, part of the Austrian Safer Internet Centre (SIC), presents new data on how young people from Austria use social media.

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2019, published the results of the fourth Youth Internet Monitor, an inquiry into how young people in Austria use social platforms. Its goal is to keep track of young people's favourite social media platforms and to identify current trends and possible issues at stake.

The representative survey, Youth Internet Monitor 2019, was conducted by the Institute for Youth Culture Research from January to February 2019 (n=400, 11-17 years). The infographic below presents the key findings.

Infographic showing results of the Youth Internet Monitor 2019

What are the biggest changes compared to the previous year?

Compared to last year, the main change is that most major platforms have lost, with the exception of Instagram (+8 per cent). It also shows that platforms for digital games are becoming more important. Twitch (15  per cent), the streaming video portal on which video players can be watched live or on which users can also start their own broadcasts, was again able to increase its use this year (+ 6  per cent). Discord (13 per cent), a network specifically for video players that offers chat, voice and video conferencing, was also included in the survey for the first time this year.

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