Mapping safer internet policies in the Member States

  • Research
  • 29/10/2015
  • European Commission

The Better Internet for Kids (BIK) map final report is now available.

Digital technologies are part of the daily life of children. They open up a vast field of opportunities, especially for acquiring knowledge and skills but can also be a source of new risks. These can be related to technologies (eg. mobile internet), consumerist injunctions, or personal data and private life. It is the duty of public institutions to design public policies offering protection to children against these risks while enhancing empowerment.

At European level, the EC has launched the Safer Internet Programme and has contributed to the European Strategy for a Better Internet for Children. At national level, the involvement of Member States relies on various dynamics depending on the sensitivity to the issue, the ‘cultural' context and the level of commitment of the various stakeholders. However, it lacked a comprehensive panorama of national policies of Better Internet for Children.

The purpose of the study was to set up a framework for analysing Better Internet for Children public policies covering EU Member States and also Norway and Iceland. The study has developed a tool called BIK Map - Better Internet for Kids Map, allowing the analysis of public policies in terms of governance and the actions

The final report is now available online.

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