Parenting for a Digital Future

As announced in a previous edition of the BIK bulletin, the recent launch of a parenting and digital media blog from LSE gives parenting advocates, researchers and parents themselves easy access to cutting-edge research, including from LSE's own current project on Parenting for a Digital Future.

The LSE team provide a round up of the latest discussions below:

"Since launching in March we have kept on top of breaking news and public debates in ON OUR MINDS. We've asked 'now that kids are diversifying away from Facebook, how can parents keep up?', considered whether 'smart Barbies' are manipulating children's emotions, and summarised some of the unique benefits and risks that digital media pose for children and young people in foster care. We've tackled some big issues, thinking about how parents can deal with online extremism and the importance of parents as witnesses in the case of the Syrian refugee crisis.

"In FROM OUR NOTES we draw on our current research with children, families and digital media in the UK and US. We've provided an overview and ‘top tips' from the research on how parents manage kids' media use and looked at how playing computer games might bring long-term benefits when kids move from digital hobbies to jobs. We've offered suggestions for practical and ethical ‘good practice' for researchers looking to work with sites where young people hang out and learn, and suggested why it is important to study families from a Media Studies perspective.

"AROUND THE WORLD features guest bloggers working in diverse contexts on a global scale. Recently we've learned from parents in Australia who set up a Minecraft server as a ‘digital backyard' and about how grandparents and grandchildren in the Democratic Republic of the Congo negotiate shared mobile phone use. Guest posters have written about the importance of making connections through social media in rural Mexico, and on the process of asking young people to imagine the future in coastal England. We've covered the increasing ‘mediatization' of young people's lives in Germany, the role of social media in maintaining gender segregation practices in Pakistan and on parents and children learning and playing together through games in Jamaica.

"We've also created a round up of key resources for parents trying to untangle the digital world with their children. These are all non-commercial places to go to for advice and ideas.

"For more, and to subscribe or share, visit And do get in touch if you'd like to contribute."

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Helping children develop the digital skills they need to stay safe online

In this blog, Catherine Russell, Corporate Social Responsibility Lead at Vodafone UK, talks about the challenges parents face in keeping their children safe online, and the importance of helping young people to develop critical thinking skills and digital resilience. Catherine also introduces the latest edition of Vodafone UK's annual Digital Parenting magazine, providing a whole host of practical help and advice for parents, not just in the UK, but across Europe and beyond too.

E-Parenting: not an easy task

Global Parents' Day, held annually on 1 June since 2012, is a day proclaimed by the United Nations (UN) to honour parents. Today we want to celebrate parents working hard to keep their children safe online and aiming to empower their children to be resilient users of technology. Because it's not always an easy task…

New workers, New consumers: New families?

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Digitalisation has been the new buzzword of the past two years with a number of key stakeholders looking at its impact. The tremendous progress of technology over the last 20 years -especially thanks to the Internet-, has already brought about deep transformations in our society; a trend which is bound to continue in the future as a number of relatively "new" developments such as Big Data or Artificial Intelligence will settle in, profoundly affecting 21stcentury families.

Global Kids Online project launched

Children worldwide gain benefits, face risks on the internet - new study by UNICEF and LSE.

Latest roundup from Parenting for a Digital Future

Over the summer, the team from Parenting for a Digital Future at the LSE released a policy brief about ‘screen time', arguing that many parents' fears of digital devices are based on out-dated advice. Together with the Media Policy Project, they held an invite-only event, which brought together researchers, policy-makers, advocates and content and platform providers to discuss what new advice to families about ‘screen time' should look like. An event summary is here, and on YouTube.