How parents of young children manage digital devices at home

In a new report from EU Kids Online, entitled "How parents of young children manage digital devices at home: the role of income, education and parental style", Sonia Livingstone looks at cross-national variations in how actively engaged parents are in their children's online activities and finds that parents' own skills shape the support they provide for their children.

From when children are very young, their parents start to develop strategies to manage (or mediate) their present and future digital media use. A key challenge they face is that digital media - that is, the array of domestic and personal digital and networked devices for information, communication and entertainment now present in many European homes - are associated with both opportunities and risks. For all parents, but especially those who lack confidence, experience or expertise in relation to digital media, the study revealed a need for policy and practitioner support.

Download the full report from the LSE research online website.

Alternatively, check out this blog article or watch a news report from Channel 4 News in the UK.

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