Teens' concerns about online safety

When it comes to personal online safety, teenagers appear to be aware of the possible imminent risks that they may encounter on the internet just as much as adults.

In a recent blog article titled ‘Teens are concerned about personal safety online, pessimistic about future risks', Microsoft highlighted data from a new study tackling the perception of online safety from a youth perspective. Preliminary results of the study show that teens are concerned about their personal safety online and expect internet-related risks to increase in the future.
The study, entitled ‘Civility, Safety and Interaction Online – 2016', surveyed youngsters (aged 13-17) and adults (aged 18-74) from 14 countries around the world, researching reputational, behavioural, sexual, personal and intrusive online safety risks. More specifically, the results indicate that it is fairly common for youth to have come in to contact with sexual threats in general, with 44 per cent of teens stating that they had personally experienced sexual threats or knew of instances among family and friends. 
Further findings are available in the Microsoft blog article, focusing on a preliminary release of data referring to young people. Later this year, Microsoft will follow up with data from adult respondents. The full results will be published on the occasion of the next Safer Internet Day, which will be celebrated across the globe on Tuesday, 7 February 2017. 
More information on online safety for families can be found on Microsoft's YouthSpark Hub, which contains a wealth of resources and research.

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