Are you a 'social liability'?

Here at the Better Internet for Kids portal, we're always delighted to hear from organisations which are keen to promote a better and safer internet - for children, young people and the world at large - in their own areas of work and activities. As such, we were recently contacted by Giles Wilson, a UK-based solicitor, on the issue of social liability.
As an online awareness site, Giles Wilson is keen to highlight the issue - from a legal perspective - that what you post or share on social media may not be regarded as acceptable, and indeed could lead to serious consequences. With a 38 per cent rise in legal action for social defamation, are you certain that what you post online is deemed as 'safe'?
Take their interactive online quiz and find out how well you know the laws relating to posting social media content online and how much of a liability you are. Although the quiz is obviously based on UK law, we'd all do well to remind ourselves of the key messages which the quiz holds.
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