BeSafeOnline campaign by the Finnish hotline

  • Hotlines
  • 15/01/2019
  • Nettivihje, the Finnish hotline

Nettivihje, the hotline of the Finnish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) joined forces with the National Bureau of Investigation to create the successful #BeSafeOnline campaign, which emphasised the importance of adopting digital safety skills as part of everyday activities. 

The campaign consists in quality awareness videos, social media banners and content as well as TV commercials for children and parents.

BeSafeOnline campaign banner by Nettivihje

The main message of the #BeSafeOnline campaign was that without guidance, children and adolescents may not understand that different service providers' live chats can and are being saved, and subsequently misused. Through the webcam, it is possible to watch, shoot and capture images. This is why children and adolescents need to be provided with everyday digital safety skills so that they will be safe online. This campaign emphasised the importance of child rights amongst parents and adults and reiterated the risks associated with sharing pictures. Webcam covers designed specifically for this campaign were handed out to children, parents, professionals, as well as to all members of the Finnish Parliament in a bid to increase awareness.

This campaign was a great success and attracted a lot of media attention. The Finnish hotline appeared on national media, TV and radio. The Save the Children Finland hotline manager also visited the Finnish Parliament to raise awareness about the risks that children face online, as well as the importance of online safety skills.

For more information about the work of the Finnish hotline, visit the INHOPE website and the hotline's website

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