Roundtable meeting with youth in Cambodia on online child sexual exploitation

  • Hotlines
  • 15/08/2018
  • APLE Cambodia (Internet Hotline Cambodia (IHC))

While technology provides a lot of benefits, it has also been exploited for illegal activities such as producing, accessing and distributing child sexual abuse materials (CSAM). Online child sexual exploitation (OCSE) is a growing concern among stakeholders, however, not many people are aware of or recognise the nature and scope of the problem.

APLE Cambodia has been operating the Internet Hotline Cambodia (IHC) since 2015 with support from INHOPE Foundation*. The hotline provides a secure platform for the public to report child sexual abuse material anonymously and allows APLE to co-ordinate notice and takedown actions with other hotlines and law enforcement.  
On 28 June 2018, APLE organised a roundtable meeting with 60 children and youth from different communities to increase awareness of online child sexual exploitation and internet safety. This was largely due to the recent cooperation between ECPAT Sweden and APLE to increase awareness of the hotline's existence, its key functions and to improve awareness on OCSE. 
During the meeting topics like the advantages and risks of using the internet and social media, instances of online violations such as sexting, child pornography, sextortion and the importance of reporting were discussed. The children and youth were also educated on APLE hotline's reporting process, so as to report any child sexual abuse material that they encounter online. All the participants agreed to share their knowledge and experience gained from this meeting with their communities and encourage them to stay safe while being online.
* The mission of the INHOPE Foundation is to financially sponsor and support start up activities of new hotlines outside of the European Union. The Foundation seeks to expand the network of hotlines by prioritising countries where child sexual abuse material is being facilitated, produced or distributed. Find out more at Find out more about the work of INHOPE more generally at

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