jugendschutz.net publishes guidelines for social media platform operators on self-harm behaviour

The social web is full of content that trivialises self-harm behaviour such as suicide, self-injury or eating disorders and encourages copycat behaviour. Young users are often not aware of the negative effects and hence platform operators must protect young people from such content.

jugendschutz.net developed a best practice paper with support from the National Suicide Prevention Program, the Wiener Werkstaette for Suicide Research and the Federal Association 'Eating disorders' which provides guidelines for evaluating self-harm content, recommendations for proactive measures and a list of counselling services.

The guidelines, available in German and English were handed over to 30 popular social media platforms.

For more information about these guidelines please contact jl@jugendschutz.net.

This article was initially published in INHOPE's newsletter and is reproduced here with permission.

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