‘Youth4Greece' platform highlights media illiteracy issues

  • Awareness
  • 28/06/2016
  • Greek Safer Internet Centre

A major lack of knowledge around the issues of originality, copyright and privacy online were issues highlighted by the ‘Youth4Greece' platform initiative, which aims to promote Greece to the world through the eyes of children and adolescents with the help of original videos.

Many of the submissions to the platform were based on existing online material, while others included material with copyright restrictions which, just because it was available online, was considered by the youngsters as free material to use.
Furthermore, protection of privacy online was another important issue that many students did not seem to comprehend. In particular, youngsters filmed third parties in their videos, considering that they can post this kind of audiovisual material when they are depicted in it themselves, without asking for prior consent of other people involved (i.e. pedestrians) or not thinking to blur the faces of these people so they can't be identified online.
A total of 60 videos from primary and secondary educational institutions all over Greece did meet the requirements however, and these have been uploaded to the platform. You are invited to visit the platform at www.youth4greece.gr and enjoy the very interesting creations of the students.
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