Customised content: Opportunities and responsibilities for media creators

  • Awareness
  • 31/05/2016
  • Dutch Safer Internet Centre

Customised content facilitates the life of the media consumer. It saves the consumer time and brings new content within reach. The right content at the right time, via the right channel. This approach provides new opportunities for creators and providers of media. Existing content can be given a second life and commercial content can be offered in a much more targeted manner.

But customised content also has a consequence for both the consumer and the media creator. The consumer allows preferences and/or behaviour to be stored and interpreted by third parties, while media creators are given a new responsibility when they link that data and algorithm to content.
A new phase
Customised content means a new phase in creating and consuming media with new questions arising, especially in the field of media literacy. A conscious attitude of (young) media consumers regarding media is necessary to be able to make critical choices. How is content created, what are the intentions of the creators and why should that content be offered to him/her in particular?
During an expert session in 2014,* asked a number of creators of media for young people and data experts about their opinion on customised content. 
Download the white paper here.
Because the paper was published in July 2014, is open to more recent additions to this information – contact them here.
* is the Dutch centre of expertise for media literacy. This network organisation aims to increase media literacy among citizens and organisations.
To find out more about the work of the Dutch Safer Internet Centre, visit their profile page.

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