Little ones: Their brain and media education

  • Awareness
  • 30/05/2016
  • Dutch Safer Internet Centre

What advice can media literacy professionals offer parents and pedagogical staff about media education for the youngest group of children (0-6 years old)? How can we make sure that our advice is in line with the experience of many parents, who often use media for young children as a ‘pacifier'… media as ‘sugar': empty calories, without real nutritional value, which we would like to balance with media education. Education is required as compensation. But to what end?

It isn't clear yet what good advice concerning media and young children looks like. Should the advice focus on screen time, regardless of its contents? Or should it mainly focus on the contents of media products? Do media have any value whatsoever for young children? Are they good or not? Harmful or not? And what are the conditions for good media education? 
In this white paper from*, the main questions regarding the use of screens by little ones are discussed, with special focus on tablets/apps. It formulates a number of principles for giving advice regarding the media education of young children between the ages of birth and six years. 
Download the white paper here.
Because the paper was published in April 2014, is open to more recent additions to this information – contact them here.
* is the Dutch centre of expertise for media literacy. This network organisation aims to increase media literacy among citizens and organisations.
To find out more about the work of the Dutch Safer Internet Centre, visit their profile page.

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