iSejf 2016 had a happy ending… despite being about Romeo and Juliet

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  • 18/05/2016
  • Czech Safer Internet Centre

The Czech iSejf 2016 competition has come to an end. For this year's edition, the topic was connected to the greatest playwright of all time – William Shakespeare. The Czech Safer Internet Centre (SIC) received several dozen entries connected to various plays and stories, created in a variety of formats. It was not easy to chose the best one but, in the end, the jury selected a winner.

The winner was Jiri Kucera who will be – as a rightful winner – going to London very soon. There, thanks to Facebook (the partner of the competition), he will visit the Globe Theatre and the headquarters of the popular social network.
The competition kicked off on Safer Internet Day 2016 and the task was to connect the world of the famous author William Shakespeare with the online world. Why the world of Shakespeare? This year the whole world commemorates the 400th anniversary of the death of this renowned author, famed for plays such as Romeo and Juliet, The Merchant of Venice, Midsummer Night's Dream, Othello, Macbeth and others.
We ourselves were curious as to which of his works the contestants would choose: One of his theatrical plays? His poetry? Or simply his inspirational life? On the other hand, we were also interested in the format they would choose to make their entries: Would they just write an essay, or would they be more creative? Would they prepare a video, comic strip or even a social network account?
In the end, 44 complex entries were received in the actual iSejf Competition Facebook group and another ten via direct private messages to the Czech Safely Online Facebook page.
The winner was chosen after a very long discussion. Jiri Kucera prepared a video with the theme of the most classic of Shakespeare's plays – Romeo and Juliet. At the same time, he took an original and creative approach by preparing social network profiles of the characters. The result is great. On top of everything, it is even in Shakespeare's language – English. You  can watch the winning video here:
Now Jiri can look forward to an exciting visit to the Globe Theatre and the headquarters of Facebook in London, right in the heart of Great Britain. 

But it wasn't just Jiri who sent us a great entry. Second placed Natalie Morozjukova sent a superb presentati

on of another of Shakespeare's classics – Hamlet. She combined a presentation and Twitter accounts to describe the tragic story. 
The jury also awarded a special prize for the animated video ‘Romeo and Juliette on Facebook or William Shakespear online' created by Tereza and Jarmila Singerova. You can see it here:  
The other entries were also all original in some way. We received various poems about one of Shakespeare's stories, about online safety or social networks, a few more videos and a great number of essays.  Check out the Safer website to see the other entries.

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William Shakespeare online. Romeo and Juliet on Facebook. Young people in the Czech Republic can win a London vacation and visit the Globe Theatre and Facebook's headquarters.