Twitter Q&A session

The Insafe network of European Safer Internet Centres hosted a Twitter Q&A session on 14 April 2016, answering questions from users about online safety topics. The Twitter Q&A session focused on four key areas: cyberbullying, online relationships, big data and copyright.  These were the topics debated during the recent eSafety eTwinning learning event which provided information and tips, as well as fostered debate, on online safety for teachers.
We were very happy to receive several questions from users from across Europe and beyond who tweeted directly at us (@insafenetwork) using the hashtag of the event: #eSafetytalk. The questions varied from queries on how to preserve online safety for children to what are the key eSafety challenges in 2016. 
Here we provide you an overview of the debates: 
Questions focusing on the behaviour and safety of children online: 
We were also pleased to see the engagement of teachers in replying to questions:
It was interesting to see that the reach of the Twitter Q&A went as far as Mexico:
New challenges for #eSafety this year:
We also took the opportunity to provide information about online trends and educational resources on the topics of the Twitter Q&A:
We had a great time hosting this Twitter Q&A and we hope that participants found it useful too! Please be sure to consult the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) website for further information on online trends, educational resources and general information on creating a better internet for kids, and subscribe to the quarterly BIK bulletin to receive on overview of the latest news directly to your inbox.

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eSafety Twitter Q&A

From the 1-12 April, the Insafe coordination team is hosting an eTwinning Learning event providing information and tips, as well as fostering debates on eSafety for teachers. eSafety covers a wide range of issues, including cyberbullying, privacy and online reputation. Schools have a key role to play here in terms of providing education to pupils (and possibly parents) in order to provide them with the skills and tools that they need to stay safe online.