New online courses promote digital skills and games in schools

The European Schoolnet Academy is a platform where you can learn about innovation in the school and classroom through online professional development courses for teachers in primary and secondary schools. Many of the courses focus on developing digital literacy skills which, for both teachers and pupils, can be an essential aspect of helping to contribute to a better internet. New courses for Spring 2016 have just been announced and are now open for enrolment. 

Developing digital skills in your classroom - round 2
The first course to launch this year will be a re-run of the successful ‘Developing digital skills in your classroom' course offering a range of tools, activities and resources that can help you teach digital skills. The course covers everything from creating and using digital content and tools to eSafety and copyright issues.
The course launches on 4 April 2016 – you can enrol here, join the Facebook group and tweet using #eSkillscourse.
Games in schools course - updated
The ‘Games in Schools' course is also back, but this time with a comprehensive update to take into account all the latest games developments. There have been lots of updates to the course content over previous versions, with new consoles, mobile games and even virtual and augmented reality covered. If you would like to start or continue the journey of games-based learning in classrooms across Europe and the world, then this course is for you. It will also feature English, Greek, Romanian and Italian subtitles.
The course launches on 18 April 2016 - you can enrol here, join the Facebook group and share your tweets using #gamescourse. 
Bullying in schools
The third course before the summer will address the hugely important topic of bullying in schools and will provide teachers with the tools, resources and networks to effectively address this issue offline and online. You can already check out the project behind the course here. The course is planned to launch in May 2016. Further information will follow soon.
For further information on these and a range of other free learning opportunities, visit the European Schoolnet Academy website.

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Administering School ICT infrastructure: developing your knowledge and skills

From November 2016 until January 2017, European Schoolnet (EUN) is running the school ICT Administrator MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The course brings ICT administrators together in order to hear about current practices and new developments, to learn from each other and to reflect on their work through a mix of over 20 specially-commissioned video case studies produced by practitioners, live webinars with expert input, and stimulating, enjoyable and relevant activities and discussions.

People treat their passwords irresponsibly

  • Awareness
  • 22/06/2016
  • Latvian Safer Internet Centre

In late May, the Digital Security Alliance carried out a social experiment in Latvia, in which people in the streets were prompted to enter their passwords in a program which, they were told, verified their safety. 

Norwegian resource concerning the youngest children and screen time receives great interest

  • Awareness
  • 30/03/2016
  • Norwegian Safer Internet Centre
The Norwegian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) recently published guidelines and posters containing advice about young children's use of online technology. Health centres for infants, daycare centres and preschools have shown great interest in these guidelines, indicating a great need for knowledge on technology use from an early age.