Safety recommendations for distance learning for Portuguese schools

  • Awareness
  • 29/04/2020
  • Portuguese Safer Internet Centre

The Directorate-General for Education from the Portuguese Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the National Cybersecurity Centre and the National Data Protection Commission, have produced a set of recommendations and guidelines for teachers and educators to abide by when using digital technologies to support distance learning.

In addition, specific security measures within the context of distance learning have also been disclosed. Platforms like ZOOM, Moodle, Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom must now comply with these safety recommendations.

In what regards the use of platforms that allow audio and video communication, safety recommendations were also provided.

The National Data Protection Commission, with the aim of protecting personal data and minimising the impact on the rights of rightful holders, has also provided guidelines for distance learning.

In parallel, the SeguraNet Awareness Centre has launched an awareness campaign entitled Home Study – Tips to stay safe, designed for families, students and teachers that are now relying on distance learning.

Find out more information about the work of the Portuguese Safer Internet Centre (SIC) generally, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services, or find similar information for Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe.

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