Italian Safer Internet Centre: COVID-19 resources

The Italian Safer Internet Centre has published a number of articles and resources (in Italian) on safe emergency remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic. You can find them below.

* Please note – resource listings are being added to regularly, so please check back often for the latest information *

  • Distant learning website. The Italian Safer Internet Centre encourages teachers to visit the distant learning website launched by the Ministry of Education to find support in preparing emergency remote teaching.
  • Being at School: an issue dedicated to teachers and students. Generazioni Connesse announces a special issue of the "EAS Magazine - Being at School" entirely dedicated to teachers and students in this period of emergency remote teaching. The issue has been published online and can be downloaded for free. The article also includes information about a compendium of suggestions for teachers on how to adopt distance education published by the Italian Society of Media Education Research (SIREM).
  • School in times of Coronavirus, the point of view of SottoSopra children. With schools and universities closed, teachers are delivering their lessons with emergency remote teaching. Students from Venice have created some top tips for teachers on how to make distance learning more effective and attractive from their point of view. Moreover, they invite other students to share their ideas and needs.

The Italian Safer Internet Centre also provides helpline services allowing children and young people, and parents and carers to access personalised advice and support. Equally, it provides a hotline for reporting any illegal content you mind find online. Don't hesitate to contact them in case of need!

In addition, we'll be bringing you a range of articles and insights on the opportunities and challenges of being online during COVID-19 in the coming days and weeks. Keep checking the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal and follow our social channels on Twitter (@Insafenetwork and @SafeInternetDay) and Facebook (@SaferInternet and @SaferInternetDay) for the latest news, information, advice and resources from the Insafe network and from other stakeholder organisations on staying safe online during the coronavirus pandemic.

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