Discussing the rise in disinformation on COVID-19 at the Luxembourg Privacy Salon

  • Awareness
  • 06/04/2020
  • Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre

Disinformation, hoaxes and scams are no new phenomenon online, but in the current context of pandemic and lockdowns, they are becoming more significant and frequent – for this reason, the latest Privacy Salon in Luxembourg focused on the topic.

The Luxembourg Privacy Salon was organised online, aiming to explore ways to recognise disinformation, hoaxes and scams related to COVID-19, and to reflect on how we can protect ourselves from these and foster digital literacy.

Thanks to the online format, participants from all over Europe were able to attend the session, which was also recorder for further dissemination. The salon was so successful that another edition will take place on Tuesday, 7 April 2020 at 18:30 CET. This session will look at the privacy concerns that the current pandemic and some responses might raise. Full information available at privacysalon.lu.

In Luxembourg, Digital Privacy Salons are skills- and knowledge-sharing sessions, in which participants can learn some basic information about protecting their personal data from intrusive surveillance and unwanted or unwitting information gathering. Generally, the salons deal with questions such as how to keep conversations over instant messaging or emails private, how to browse anonymously, and so on. With the shift to remote work and the sudden rise in online reports of cases of disinformation, social engineering, malware spreading and phishing campaigns induced by the COVID-19 outbreak, these skills are becoming more important than ever.

Due to the lockdown measures taken in response to the pandemic, the Privacy Salon will take place online. Keep an eye on the event's Twitter profile for the latest information.

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The Luxembourg digital Privacy Salon is a free event about privacy in a digital context, intended for everyone, where no prior technical expertise is assumed. It takes place around 10 times a year with a different topic each time and has been running for six years, with formal support from BEE SECURE (coordinators of the Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre (SIC)) since 2017.