Madagascar celebrates Safer Internet Day for the first time

  • Awareness
  • 21/02/2020
  • Telma Foundation, the Malagasy Safer Internet Day Committee

Each year the world celebrates Safer Internet Day (SID) on 11 February. Initiated by the Insafe network of European Safer Internet Centres (SICs), this event aims to raise awareness of the safe use of internet for vulnerable users, such as children and young people.

With 50 per cent of its population under the age of 18 and its number of internet users growing each year, Madagascar faces great challenges when it comes to improving the safety of its internet users.

The SID 2020 celebrations saw the birth of the Malagasy SID Committee, which was created thanks to the Telma Foundation, the Ministry of Education and Technical and Vocational Teaching (MENETP), UNICEF, as well as "Télécom Sans Frontières" – an non-governmental organisation represented in Madagascar by IT Cup Center.

Pictures of Safer Internet Day celebrations in Madagscar

To mark this event, the children of the employees of Axian Group participated in a debate, attended a workshop and enjoyed activities focusing on the use of the internet and new information and communication technologies (ICT). Participants were able to better understand the issues at stake and to identify the best practices to browse the internet safely.

For more information, visit the profile page of Telma Foundation, the Malagasy SID Committee.

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On Tuesday, 11 February 2020, we celebrated the 17th edition of Safer Internet Day (SID), with events and activities taking place right across the globe in over 170 countries, and with many organisational supporters too.