Youth4Greece: Greece through the eyes of youth and adolescents!

  • Awareness
  • 22/02/2016
  • Greek Safer Internet Centre

On the occasion of Safer Internet Day (SID) 2016, the Greek Awareness Centre,, with the support of Google and with technological partner the Technological Educational Institute of the Ionian Islands, launched the innovative platform ‘Youth4Greece'.

The aim of the platform is to promote Greece to the world through the eyes of children and adolescents, by allowing them to create and submit original videos regarding the sights (historic, cultural or of natural beauty), local recipes and attractions of their homeland, thus inviting their peers and other visitors of the platform to get to know their country of origin.
In this framework, invited students of all levels of education to create positive content online in collaboration with their educators. The Awareness Centre has so far received more than 136 videos from all over Greece including entries even from kindergartens, so underlining the importance of early childhood education.
Furthermore, the platform gives youngsters the chance to understand the very important notions of originality, copyright and collaboration. In this way, they are empowered to undertake their role as curators and not only as consumers, promoting the positive aspects of the internet.
We invite you to visit the platform accessible at and enjoy the very interesting creations of the Greek students.

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