Training for trainers on "Useful, creative and safe use of the internet by children" in Romania

  • Awareness
  • 01/10/2019
  • Romanian Safer Internet Centre

In the beginning of 2019 – between Monday, 14 January and Friday, 18 January – the Romanian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) Ora de Net team organised a training for trainers coming from Teaching Staff Houses from all over the country on children's internet use, to prepare them to deliver successful trainings to the teachers of their respective counties. 

After the training sessions, each of the participants has had to organise a local course for 25 teachers on "Useful, creative and safe use of the internet by children". The course had 24 hours of both theoretical and practical elements, and was concluded with the creation of a portfolio by each teacher attending. Once the portfolio evaluations are finalised, the teachers will be awarded a participation diploma.

73 trainers attended the five-day course, participating in a series of workshops and presentations on topics such as online safety, media education or digital resources for education. A workshop on personal and professional development was also part of the programme, and a presentation on emerging trends in the digital society and digital education was also on the agenda.

During the last day, the participants discovered the resources which they were going to use in their courses: examples of good practice, work plan, risk management, but also working principles within the network.

Pictures of Romanian training for teachers on online safety and internet use of children by Save the Children Romania

In the months following the training, the trainers organised their local courses, with 1,700 teachers completing them and being granted with the diploma. The activities conducted by these teachers involved more than 115,000 people throughout Romania.

This course idea turned out to be very beneficial, since it had a great impact and triggered a lot of interest among other teachers, who say there is an increase in the need for information on this topic. For this reason, after collaboration with the Romanian Ministry of Education, this course will be made available to a wider audience of teachers in 2020, with those completing it being granted extra recognition. In light of this, the impact of the initial course should keep on gaining significance.

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