Promoting online safety education for younger children with an ON-LINE ZOO colouring book

  • Awareness
  • 17/09/2019
  • Czech Safer Internet Centre

Over the course of this year, the CZ.NIC Association has been organising discussions for children at primary schools and libraries focusing on the ON-LINE ZOO story book. As younger schoolchildren love to draw and paint pictures, the Association has now also prepared a colouring book in the style of the original story book.

During the sessions, staff from CZ.NIC Association talk to the children about what the internet is for, and also what the possible dangers are. The participating children love the stories from the book and enjoy discussing them; many of them already have rich experiences within the online environment and often contribute to the discussion by sharing what they have experienced and, equally, what they are worried about.
To remind them of the key stories from the book after the discussion, CZ.NIC Association distributes the colouring book so that the children can work through colouring all the animals that they have heard about from the book. For example, they can colour the monkey who becomes addicted to its mobile phone, or the sad panda bear whom the hyenas on the internet laugh about and tease, saying that he is too fat. When colouring in the picture with the antelopes, the children will remember that they should not trust everyone who contacts them on the internet and wants to become their virtual friend, while equally the rash giraffe reminds them of the importance of reading all the information that appears on screen. Finally, a funny picture of a penguin in a swimsuit teaches them that it's not good to take pictures in their underwear.
CZ.NIC Association believes that children will enjoy the offline colouring book, and that it will remind them that the internet is a good helper… but can sometimes be a bad master.
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