Workshops on creative and safe use of the internet at summer camps in Cyprus

  • Awareness
  • 11/09/2019
  • Cyprus Safer Internet Centre

For a third consecutive year, the Cyprus Safer Internet Centre (SIC) held a series of workshops at children's summer camps on the "Creative and safe use of the internet". 

More specifically, from Monday, 1 July 2019 to Monday, 19 August 2019, a series of 14 workshops took place at the camps of the Parents and Guardians' Association of Elementary Schools of Limassol (OSDEGL) in Platres and the Pancyprian Public Employees' Trade Union (PA.SY.DY) in Troodos.

During the workshops, 1,660 children, 180 counsellors and teachers as well as parents' groups were informed about the opportunities and risks of the internet, as well as the operation of the Helpline and Hotline 1480. Through exploratory and active learning, the workshop participants had the opportunity to participate in group discussions on the following topics:

  • Cyberbullying
  • Excessive use of digital technologies and the internet
  • Managing personal data on the internet
  • Online games
  • General internet challenges – Grooming

These workshops were an opportunity for participants to exchange knowledge and experience and to offer suggestions and opinions on the creative and safe use of digital technologies and the internet. In parallel, through collaborative activities, participants were able to develop their own materials on online safety, acting as ambassadors of best practices and messages about the safe use of the internet to other children, teachers and parents.

Pictures of online safety workshops for children at summer camps in Cyprus

For further information about the workshops at children's summer camps, both for the upcoming years and for 2019, please visit

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