Celebrating Safer Internet Day 2019 in Spain

  • Awareness
  • 20/03/2019
  • Spanish Safer Internet Centre

In Spain, the 2019 edition of Safer Internet Day (SID) consisted in one main event mixing conferences, debates and arts, as well as a multitude of events in schools throughout the country.

SID event

Picture of Safer Internet Day 2019 celebrations in Spain

The Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) celebrated Safer Internet Day (SID) with a main event consisting in several activities throughout the day. The SIC offered, in two different halls, motivational speeches to children, educators, and parents, together with an interactive workshop for the youngest audience. The event was conceived in the spirit of this year's motto: "Together for a better internet".

During the event, the prizes of the contest "CyberChallenge Internet Segura" were awarded in the category of educational centres, as well as the distinctions of the Cibercooperators Program; Cibercooperator of the Year 2018 and Honor Cibercooperator, which this year was awarded to Majesty Spanish Queen Letizia.

Stands and demonstrations area

Picture of Safer Internet Day 2019 celebrations in Spain

This year, as a novelty, the event had an area for stands and demonstrations in order for companies to exhibit and present their solutions, products and services related to cybersecurity, privacy and the safe use of ICTs with emphasis on minors.

The following companies were represented in this area:

  • Ciberalarma
  • Gaptain
  • IC Media
  • Cibervoluntarios
  • Fundación Aprender a Mirar
  • Google
  • Empantallados

Talks on cybersecurity awareness

Picture of Safer Internet Day 2019 celebrations in Spain

Thanks to the collaboration of the SIC's Cibercooperants, a total of 112 awareness talks were held in schools throughout Spain, covering topics such as privacy, cyberbullying or the safe and responsible use of ICT. The participants of the main event connected live with IES Las Canteras in Collado Villalba (Madrid), where students had a talk about the safe and responsible use of ICT.

"CyberChallenge Internet Segura" contest

Picture of Safer Internet Day 2019 celebrations in Spain

This year, the Spanish SIC organised a contest to promote coexistence and respect on the internet through a video with music, dance and advice on cybersecurity and safe use of ICT.

The Carlos Bousoño school in Boal (Asturias), which participated with the slogan "Do it with moderation, for a secure internet!", surprised the jury with this great video.

Check the Spanish Safer Internet Day profile page for further information.

Find out more about the work of the Spanish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) generally, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services, or find similar information for Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe.

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Celebrating Safer Internet Day in Spain

  • Awareness
  • 13/03/2018
  • Spanish Safer Internet Centre

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