Distribution of educational material for Safer Internet Day 2019 in Iceland

  • Awareness
  • 20/03/2019
  • Icelandic Safer Internet Centre

Under the 2019 Safer Internet Day (SID) slogan "Together for a better internet", the Icelandic Safer Internet Centre (SIC) organised several activities to celebrate the day.

Two symposia were organised in different municipalities, one targeting parents of children aged 1-5 and another targeting parents of children aged 6-12. In the municipality of Hafnafjordur, the Icelandic SIC organised a symposium on IT and smart devices in secondary schools; and in the municipality of Reykjavik, the SIC organised a symposium on young children and smart devices aimed at parents of children aged 0-5.

Picture of educational poster designed by the Icelandic Safer Internet Centre

For the occasion, several new resources were sent to schools all over Iceland. All parents of children aged 5-6 (about 8,000) received a parental guide called "Young children and smart devices: Foundations for a good start" and all children in fourth grade (about 4,500) received an updated version of the SIC's Donald Duck magazine "Online communication".

Picture of educational resource for children designed by the Icelandic Safer Internet Centre      Picture of educational resource for parents designed by Icelandic Safer Internet Centre

In addition, reprints of the SIC's reading books for children aged 5-8 were sent to all kindergartens and primary schools in Iceland. The "Think before you post!" and "No hate speech online!" posters were also sent to all primary schools in the country.

The Icelandic SIC's activities have been really appreciated by the school community as well as parents.

For more information, please visit the Icelandic Safer Internet Day profile page.

Find out more information about the work of the Icelandic Safer Internet Centre (SIC) generally, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services, or find similar information for Safer Internet Centres throughout Europe.

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  • Awareness
  • 25/03/2018
  • Icelandic Safer Internet Centre

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