"Superheroes on the internet" campaign

  • Awareness
  • 02/01/2019
  • Latvian Safer Internet Centre

The Latvian "Superheroes on the internet" campaign was dedicated to media literacy and children's safety on the internet. As part of it, seminars for teachers and primary schools were organised in five Latvian cities and towns to help them acquire five "super abilities" that enable safe, responsible and meaningful use of the internet.

The creative activities and seminars were organised in cooperation with the campaign partners – the Latvian State Police, the Latvian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) (Drossinternets.lv), the Ministry of Culture and insurance company BALTA. The campaign events gathered teachers of primary and elementary schools and pupils of grades 2-3, 140 children and 185 teachers from 120 preschool institutions and schools in total.

A group of experts worked with the teachers and presented them with a board game called "Wify's game", developed by the Latvian SIC. Local celebrity Kašers and the Dream Factory teamed up with Wify, the mascot of Drossinternets.lv, and representatives of the BALTA Optimism Maintenance Team helped pupils of grades 2-3 to acquire the abilities of internet Superheroes. They played educational games, fulfilled attractive tasks, and became true Superheroes as a result of their diligent work!

At the creative seminars, teachers improved their knowledge and understanding of how they have to work with children efficiently to help them acquire today's five important skills – "super abilities" on the internet. These "super abilities" protect children from dangerous situations in the virtual environment and further a meaningful use of technologies.

As part of the campaign, five videos were created to teach children aged 5–8 to understand different situations they may face on the internet. You can watch one of the videos below.

The campaign materials are available at: supervaroni.vip.lv/interneta; methodological materials for teaching preschool children and primary school pupils were sent to nearly 1,450 preschool institutions and comprehensive schools implementing primary education programmes, as well as to about 110 Latvian weekend schools abroad.

Along with other activities of "Superheroes on the internet" and the resources available at http://supervaroni.vip.lv/interneta, the Latvian SIC provided methodological support to teachers of preschool institutions and primary schools offering practical lessons and using detailed teaching materials with lesson descriptions and working sheets.

"Superheroes on the internet" is a continuation of the campaign "A Superhero Will Not Be Lost!" launched by the State Police in 2017. It is implemented by several partners, including the State Police, the Republic of Latvia Ministry of Culture, The Latvian SIC, "Balta", "Rimi" and "Deep White".

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