"Using the internet responsibly", a new Italian Safer Internet Centre campaign

  • Awareness
  • 04/12/2018
  • Italian Safer Internet Centre

Generazioni Connesse, the Italian Safer Internet Centre (SIC) has just launched a new campaign to promote the appropriate use of the new technologies for children, parents and teachers. 

Knowing, living, discovering the internet - these are the three goals of the latest Italian Safer Internet Centre campaign, scheduled to take place from 30 November until 23 December. 

The initiative has three distinct phases, each of them focusing on a different target group, aiming to inform young people, parents and teachers about the opportunities provided by the web but also its risks through easily accessible material and simple language.

Through a series of informative videos, the campaign will provide guidelines for a responsible use of the internet by providing useful advice to identify the unsafe use of social media.

The first phase is called "Conoscere il web" ("knowing the web") and the videos relating to this phase were produced in cooperation with the Italian Consortium of Universities (CINI). The videos will be published on the social media channels of the Italian Safer Internet Centre:

The second phase "Vivere il Web" ("living on the web") aims to promote ten golden rules for using the internet properly, by promoting a critical and responsible approach to information found online.

Finally, during the third phase named, "Scoprire il Web" ("discovering the web"), the Generazioni Connesse will offer seven useful pieces of advice for parents and teachers helping them recognize the negative effects or impact of the Internet on children.

The campaign will culminate with the launch of the new Generazioni Connesse app, through which the teachers can use and access to all educational content of the project on their smartphone.

To find out more about the campaign, visit the Italian Safer Internet Centre's website and social media profiles

Find out more about the Italian Safer Internet Centre on the Better Internet for Kids (BIK) portal. 

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