Love Stories 4.0 – The impact of new technologies on relationships

  • Awareness
  • 16/10/2018
  • Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre

In September 2018, the Safer Internet Centre (SIC) of Luxembourg launched its awareness-raising campaign on relationships in the digital age for the academic year 2018/19, called "Love Stories 4.0".

With the arrival of the smartphone, the ways in which individuals communicate with each other - be it on social networks or dating apps - have changed. We are always online and therefore communicate more easily via the internet, so much so that it is sometimes difficult for us to leave our phone in the other room while we eat, for instance.

Therefore, it is without a doubt that media and technologies have a considerable impact on our personal relationships, both in positive and negative ways. The new campaign "Love Stories 4.0" by BEE SECURE aims to advise the public on how to manage some potentially problematic situations: when sexting leads to revenge porn; when using dating apps goes wrong; or when the smartphone and social media put a relationship under strain or make a break-up even harder.


In this context, every two months between November 2018 and summer 2019, BEE SECURE will publish detailed information packs on topics closely linked to the themes mentioned above.

To learn more, visit the BEE SECURE website, and more specifically the page dedicated to the "Love Stories 4.0" campaign.

Find out more information about the work of the Luxembourgish Safer Internet Centre (SIC) generally, including its awareness raising, helpline, hotline and youth participation services.

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