European Action Day for Human Rights Online - 10 December 2015

On 10 December 2015, the No Hate Speech Movement is organising a European Action Day for Human Rights Online in celebration of International Human Rights Day. 

The aim of the European Action Day is to involve all stakeholders – from national campaign committees to young volunteers – to take action for human rights respect both online and offline.

The day itself has a specific focus on advocating for more efficient and responsible actions for safeguarding human rights online and combating hate speech by social media companies, governments, online game providers and internet users.

There are six main categories of recommended activities for those interested in taking action:

  • Sign the petition to make 22 July a European day commemorating victims of hate crime and raising awareness about the link between hate speech and hate crimes.
  • Comment or report hate content on social media channels.
  • Speak up for human rights online: upload a selfie with your message beginning with "In my name…" or ‘In our name…", adding your message about human rights online and combating hate speech.
  • Learn about your human rights online and about how you can protect them through cards, blog posts, and a quiz.
  • Report hate speech that you consider to be a violation of human rights to the Hate Speech Watch.
  • Organise an offline action or participate in an offline event near you.

The Insafe network is supporting the actions of the No Hate Speech Movement through the direct involvement of several of the European Safer Internet Centres in the campaign. More information on campaign coordinators in the Council of Europe member states can be found here.

More information on European Action Day for Human Rights Online is available here and on social media – see @nohate_speech and #nohatespeech.

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