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We invite teachers to visit our resource gallery and download online safety material from across Europe, in your own languages. A special thank you to our network of Safer Internet Centres!


Wahr oder falsch im Internet? Informationskompetenz in der digitalen Welt

This teacher's handbook focuses on the topic of usage and verification of internet-based sources, such as text and images. It is a handbook for teachers of all age groups. It offers a short overview over each topic and a classroom activity in each field. Topics covered include: • How to use search engines efficiently • How to validate sources from the internet • How to use Wikipedia • How to find experts on the internet • How to detect hoaxes on the internet • How to detect photoshoped images and pictures • How to detect advertising • How to detect false identities on the internet • How to detect internet fraud.

This handbook for teachers is offered in the German language, but one classroom activity is in English.

Language: German

Target audience: teacher

Age range: 6 - 18

Download the handbook here.

Czech Republic

iSejf is the permanent competition where children create thematic content. A new theme is opened each month and children are invited to create multimedia content - images, movies, stories, lyrics - depending on the given topic.

Language: Czech

Target audience: counsellor, learner, manager, other, parent, teacher

Age range: 6 - 16

Access the competition here


So you got naked online?/Har du været nøgen på nettet?

The material, "So you got naked online?" ("Har du været nøgen på nettet?") provides practical tools for children and young people who have experienced their intimate pictures being shared. 

Language: Danish

Target audience: learner

Age range: 12 - 15

Download the resource here.


Board game ‘Travelling through internet'

The board game ‘Travelling through internet' is a fun, educational game for 8-15-year-old children. The aim of the game is to travel through the internet, answering different questions, solving eSafety-related problems and describing words with gestures. 

Language: Estonian

Target audience:  learner, other, parent, teacher

Age range:  > 8

Access the resource here

Know your online friends!

The Estonian Child Helpline 116111 video aims to inform children about different threats online, especially requests for personal information such as photos. If someone starts to threaten, bully you or is mean to you, be smart and call 116111 or contact us at

Language: Estonian

Target audience: learner

Age range: 7 - 16

Access the video here


Knowhow for young users

Klicksafe invites teachers of all subjects to read about new technology and the world wide web of today. Topics referring to digital media are discussed thoroughly. For example topics like mobbing, anonymity online, chat rooms, data security etc., are all covered. The goal is to provide teachers with information on web safety and to offer them classroom material in order to help them to pass on the information to students adequately.

Language: German

Target audience: learner, teacher

Age range: 10 - 18

Access the resource here.


As cyberbullying has recently been identified as the number one issue on a European scale among Insafe helplines, the Greek Awareness Centre created a dedicated A4 flyer tackling this issue, entitled "What is cyberbullying?". 

Language: Greek

Target audience: counsellor, learner, other, parent, teacher

Age range: 9 - 0

Access the resource here.


Enter Cyber Town

The courses are delivered using 'Prezi' which allows them to be navigated with great simplicity – much like flicking through the pages of a story book. The first two courses, for children 5-9, contain a professionally recorded narrative sound track. The first of the two courses, which features "Embla the Cyber Dog" as the star, also contains a sing-along song.

Language: English

Target audience: learner, parent, teacher

Age range: 5 - 20

Access the courses here


Origami game on safer internet use

The origami game is an adaptation of the Maltese resourceby localising the text to Hungarian. The main objective is to motivate young people to learn about online safety in an interesting and engaging way. It's a paper game you need to cut and fold. Two or more people can play it.

Language: Hungarian

Target audience: learner

Age range: 7 - 13

Download the game here.


MySelfie and the Wider World

This Primary Anti-Cyber Bullying Teachers' Handbook is a Social Personal and Health Education (SPHE) resource developed to engage 10-12-year-old primary school students on the topic of cyber bullying. A series of short animations are the centrepiece of the resource. These will help students develop the skills and understanding to be responsible, socially conscious and effective internet users, as they explore social networks for the first time.

Language: English

Target audience: learner

Age range: 10 - 12

Access the resource here.


Textbook for children "Vaifijs School"

The textbook aims to teach children, aged 5 to 7, the safe use of the internet, online risks and safety rules. Children get to know internet facilities together with a girl Lelde and a boy Vaifijs (WiFi in Latvian used to name the boy). They read a story which is told in the form of a comic. 

Language: Latvian

Target audience: counsellor, learner, other, parent, teacher

Age range: 5 - 7

Download the resource here.



#BeeFirstAid aims to engage members of the public on the topic of security with respect to network devices. It does this through involving them in a familiar procedure, borrowed from the medical world, of a first aid check, followed by advice, a prescription and long-term care. This check-up is carried out at public events and/or spaces to reach people who may not be aware of the need for technical and behavioural security when using devices such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, and so on.

Language: English, French, German

Target audience: learner, parent

Age range: > 8

Download the resource in English here

Download the resource in French here.

Download the resource in German here.



A lesson on the topic of Digitial Citizenship was developed for 10-year-old students. The main resource was a comic book 'Digizen'. The story depicted the common online activities of young children when playing online multiplayer games, focusing on rights and responsibilities as digital citizens. 

Language: English

Target audience: learner

Age range: 8 - 11

Access the lesson plan here


"Give hater a hug" - lesson plan

"Przytul hejtera" ("Give hater a hug") is a lesson plan intended for use in the classroom for students of high school (aged 15-18 years). It focuses on raising awareness about online hate speech appearing on the internet and especially on social networking sites. It includes a ready-made PowerPoint presentation and uses a music video clip. "Give hater a hug" first launched during a social campaign under the same slogan in April 2015.

Language: Polish

Target audience: teacher

Age range: 15 - 18

Download the lesson plan here.


Comic Strips SeguraNet

The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre has produced 50 comic strips on the different themes promoting safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones.

Language: Portuguese, English

Target audience: learner, parent, teacher

Age range: > 7

Access the comic strips in Portuguese here.

Access the comic strips in English here.

Revenge porn: What are you sharing?

This resource is a stop-motion video developed by the students of a Portuguese Professional School - Escola Profissional de Imagem. The video establishes the connection between what would be a 'random sexting even' to something much more serious, such as revenge porn. The students involved classified this task as a learning experience and consider that they are much more aware of the risks of sharing this kind of content. This video is a part of a collection of several resources aimed to promote the Portuguese Helpline.

Language: Portuguese

Target audience: author, learner, teacher

Age range: > 13

Access the video here

Safe Mobile Devices

This resource consists on a brochure providing advice on how to keep mobile devices safe.

Language: Portuguese, English

Target audience: learner, parent, teacher

Age range: > 7

Download the brochure in Portuguese here.

Download the brochure in English here.


Internet services to help missing children

The brochure for parents/guardians, teachers/educators and specialists working with children, including civil volunteers involved in child rescue. The brochure explains how typical applications and tools from the internet can be helpful in cases where a child goes missing - especially for the child him/herself via a smartphone/tablet to get additional information, position him/herself, or get in touch with others. It is expected that information from the brochure will be provided to children by adults; a special brochure with similar content also exists directly for children and young people.

Language: Russian

Target audience: counsellor, parent, teacher

Age range: > 18

Download the brochure here.

Mobile safety for youth

This is a brochure for middle-school grade children with basic safety rules on using mobile phones and the mobile Internet. The brochure covers such issues as mobile fraud, communication threats, cyberethics and cyberbullying. Printed in Russian and English, this brochure is intended for personal or family use, and can be used for General Safety school lessons.

Language: English

Target audience: other, parent

Age range: 8 - 12

Download the brochure here.  


Project '' (cyberbullying in Slovak) was launched on Safer Internet Day (SID) 2015 (10 February 2015). The kit includes the DVD with cyberbullying movies and a professional book.

Language: Slovak

Target audience: learner, other, parent, teacher

Age range: 7 - 19

Download the kit here.


Help for parents in the vortex of new tehnologies

This new leaflet is part of the Slovenian Awareness Centre's Back2School campaign 2015. It will be sent to all Slovenian schools at the begining of the school year for teachers to distribute them to parents of children of 9 to 12 years old at the first parent evening.

Language: Slovenian

Target audience: parent

Age range: 9 - 12

Download the leaflet here.


Display materials in libraries

The MIL-librarian pack includes a leaflet, screen saver and desktop background with media and information literacy messages. The pack is designed to be distributed in schools and public libraries, to highlight the librarian's competencies and to remind visitors about the importance of media and information literacy. The material makes media and information literacy understandable and concrete. 

Download here (the files are zip-files due to the size. An instruction how to install the files is included in the zip-file.) 

Screen saver

Desktop background

Folder för utskrift

Language: Swedish

Target audience: other

Age range: > 1

Access the resource here.

Pedagogical resource: Duckface/Stoneface - for upper elementary

‘Duckface/Stoneface' is a tool for upper elementary teachers containing examples on how to work with pictures, social media and gender differences in the classroom. This teacher's tool contains three themes: gender roles and media usage, gender differences in selfies, and the different arenas where boys and girls are social online.

Language: Swedish

Target audience: teacher

Age range: 13 – 16

Access the resource here

United Kingdom

Social media checklists - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter

The UK Safer Internet Centre has produced four handy checklists for using popular social media networks safely - Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. The checklists cover everything you need to know in order to manage your information and stay safe online while using these services. The handy guides include advice on how to manage your privacy and control what and who you share information with, how to block and report, as well as how to delete or deactivate an account. The checklists were produced by our helpline in partnership with safety teams of the three service providers - Facebook, Snapchat & Twitter. In the UK the checklists can also be ordered as hard copies from the Centre's coordinators via the SWGfL online store -

Language: English

Target audience: learner, other, parent, teacher

Age range: > 13

Download the resources here.

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