Back2School campaign

Since 2010, as the new school year begins, Insafe releases its Back2School gift.
Traditionally, the campaign consists of a 'gift box' of resources and tools for teachers to use throughout the school year, and is released on 8 September to mark the United Nations International Literacy Day.

The full kit includes resources from across the Insafe network is available in our 'Tour of Europe' section, Youth Manifesto posters, a special edition of the Better Internet for Kids bulletin, a MOOC for teachers and much more! The Back2School campaign also contains further information on plans for Safer Internet Day (SID) 2016, which will take place on Tuesday 9 February 2016 with the theme 'Play your part for a better internet'. For more information on SID 2016, please visit

We hope you enjoy the campaign!

Countdown gifts

Our countdown to the 2015 campaign began on 31 August 2015. A new gift was released each day from Monday, 31 August to Monday, 7 September, and the full kit is was launched online on Tuesday 8 September 2015. Access the resources below:

Tour of Europe

We invite teachers to visit our resource gallery and download online safety material from across Europe, in your own languages. A special thank you to our network of Safer Internet Centres!

Youth Manifesto posters 

The Youth Manifesto publication outlines the ten key principles that European youth have identified as essential to creating a better internet for the future. The Manifesto is specifically aimed at European policy makers, industry and other key stakeholders and was publicly launched on 18 March 2015 during a high-level breakfast event in Brussels.
The Youth Manifesto publication contains the ten selected principles which reflect the digital rights and opportunities that Europe's young people view as most essential for building a better internet:
  1. Free, unrestricted access to the internet. (POSTER)
  2. Support and education about the internet for everyone. (POSTER)
  3. The ability to protect data and privacy online. (POSTER)
  4. An online world free from bullying, racism and intolerance. (POSTER)
  5.  Infrastructure investment to ensure high-quality, high-speed connectivity. (POSTER)
  6. Terms and conditions that are simple to understand. (POSTER)
  7. Access to good quality and reliable content online. (POSTER)
  8. A hack-free online environment. (POSTER)
  9. Freedom of expression online. (POSTER)
  10. An open and democratic internet. (POSTER)
For more information, please download the Youth Manifesto publication.

Safer Internet Day (SID) is organised by Insafe in February of each year to promote safer and more responsible use of online technology and mobile phones, especially among children and young people across the world.

Safer Internet Day 2016 will be celebrated on 9 February 2016. The theme for the day is "Play your part for a better internet". 

Find out more at

And if you're a school, you can register your interest in being involved in Safer Internet Day 2016 on the SID website. Registered schools will receive information on Safer Internet Day resources in January 2016 to help celebrate the day itself.

To find out more about Safer Internet Day and how it started, you can also watch this video here.

eSkills Resources

Developing Digital Skills in your Classroom: a MOOC for Teachers

Join us on this exciting course covering the hugely important topic of developing digital skills in our classrooms. Digital skills are already an essential requirement for young people to succeed in an increasingly digitized society. Not only are these skills demanded for an increasing number of jobs, they also are a requirement and a right of citizens, if they are to be functional in today's society. 

The course is organised around thematic areas of digital skills that are relevant at all levels of primary and secondary schooling. In six modules it explores the definition and role of digital skills generally and then looks at specific skill areas and how to address them in the classroom. The focus of these modules is on how pedagogically the skill area can be addressed and what tools there are available to help the teachers and students.The course will open on 14 September. Register here.

You may also take a look at the European Schoolnet Academy for other free online courses for teachers.

Code Week Toolkit

Europe Code week was created with the aim of bringing more visibility to coding and to motivate people of all ages and background to start coding. You can check what has been done during the previous Code Weeks by visiting the dedicated blog. Now, Europe Code Week 2015 returns with many more exciting events and activities.  Several of the Insafe network's Safer Internet Centres are currently engaged in activities in their countries to promote the European Code Week.

Find out more about activities planned in your country at

Download the toolkit here

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Tour of Europe

We invite teachers to visit our resource gallery and download online safety material from across Europe, in your own languages. A special thank you to our network of Safer Internet Centres!