EuroDIG 2018: "Innovative strategies for our digital future"

To foster Europeans' interest in internet governance issues and to ensure that a proper dialogue takes place on a regular basis and in a participatory manner, EuroDIG - the European Dialogue on Internet Governance - was established in 2008 as an open, multi-stakeholder platform as a key European point of reference on exchanging views about the internet and how it is governed. EuroDIG is not a conference, it is more of a year-round dialogue on politics and digitisation across the whole European continent, culminating in an annual event.

EuroDIG kicks off this year on 4 June with pre-events on topics such as copyright, digital inclusion, cybersecurity and the internet of things (IoT). The programme continues with a diverse mix of presentations, workshops and flash sessions on issues such as the Domain Name System, information security, digital privacy, artificial intelligence, ethics or cybercrime.

See the full programme overview can be found here.

In a similar format to the 2017 EuroDIG edition, a delegation from the Insafe network of Safer Internet Centres (SICs) in Europe will attend EuroDIG facilitating both a flash session and a workshop:

  • A workshop entitled "Don't forget silver surfers – Digital inclusion and literacy focused on seniors" will be co-organised on Monday, 4 June 2018, 12:00-14:00 (local time). The aim of this session is to discuss how digital literacy can be more "inclusive" for seniors and how to create a model of digital friendly citizenship environments that can break the wall between generations. If digital literacy and skills are considered crucial, how they can contribute to the process of lifelong learning for digital migrants? Best practices will be shared from a European context taking into consideration local developments in Georgia and the Caucasus Region. More information can be found here.
  •  A flash session will be hosted on "Children's rights for a better internet" on Tuesday, 5 June 2018, 15:15-15:45 (local time). Having at the core of one's mission children's rights for a better internet in the digital age is not a rare belief, although one cannot help but wonder if the target audience is actually informed in a proportional manner. In this session, we will start by taking the pulse of the audience's perception of children's rights in the digital world, looking into some key outreach examples at European level and opening up for a discussion on how these models could be extrapolated in the global internet. More information can be found here.

For more information on how the Insafe delegation contributed to EuroDIG 2017, check out these testimonials and articles.

Recognising the important role of including the voice of youth in internet governance discussions, preceding EuroDIG on 4-5 June 2017 is the YOUthDIG (Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance) event. YOUthDIG is the youth programme of EuroDIG, and features a two-day, pre-event track that prepares youth participants (between the ages of 18-30) for the EuroDIG process. Participants in YOUthDIG have the opportunity to:

  • Experience peer-learning and networking with youth residing in Europe.
  • Learn about internet governance and the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) process.
  • Discuss and exchange ideas with experienced internet politics practitioners.
  • Develop youth messages and present them at EuroDIG and the global UN-led IGF.

Two of the Better Internet for Kids Youth Ambassadors will also attend YOUthDIG and be actively involved in the workshop and flash session.

More details are available on the EuroDIG website, or visit the EuroDIG Twitter profile and follow the #EuroDIG18 hashtag. If you're interested in following the presence of the Insafe delegation at EuroDIG, keep an eye on Twitter at @Insafenetwork and @BIK_youth.

For more information on internet governance events, check the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) website and read more about the upcoming IGF 2018 event.

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