COFACE Families Europe – April 2018 newsletter now published

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  • 01/05/2018
  • COFACE Families Europe

COFACE Families Europe has recently published the April 2018 edition of its newsletter.

In this edition, COFACE Families Europe reports on its plans for its 60th anniversary celebrations on 15 May 2018, the International Day of Families, which focuses this year on "families and inclusive societies". On the occasion, COFACE Families Europe will be publishing a series of drawings illustrating 30 milestones of its history, alongside a digital exhibition. The event will focus on the achievements and successes of COFACE, and reflect on the future of families in Europe.

Also in this edition, COFACE Families Europe shares the 13 digitalisation principles it has adopted for creating a better internet and web for all with the aim of ensuring that digitalisation and new technological developments serve the general interest of all European citizens and families. While the concrete topics covered by COFACE Families Europe are very wide and diverse, including child online safety, artificial intelligence, big data, online business models, and decentralised technologies or blockchain technology, the recommendations and policy proposals formulated always rely on core principles and values, which are applied to any new development in the field of digitalisation.

Principle 1: Digital services: Non-discrimination, inclusion and accessibility
Principle 2: Infrastructure: Access to the internet
Principle 3: Competences and skills
Principle 4: (Digital) Parenting
Principle 5: Respecting human rights and children's rights in the digital space
Principle 6: Transparency
Principle 7: Privacy and data protection
Principle 8: (Cyber)security
Principle 9: User control
Principle 10: Keeping the internet open
Principle 11: Democratic participation
Principle 12: Health and well-being
Principle 13: Democratic internet governance

These principles, taken together, paint a picture of an internet and a web managed and maintained by reconciling and balancing the roles and responsibilities of the end user and private/public actors, creating a better internet and web for all. They also aim to support bridge-building between social, consumer and digitalisation stakeholders.

Read the full April 2018 edition of the COFACE newsletter here for a whole host of other updates on issues affecting families in Europe.

* COFACE Families Europe has been involved for 59 years in building a strong social, family-friendly Europe. It brings forward the voice of millions of families, gathering 58 organisations from all over Europe. COFACE Families Europe advocates for strong social policies that take into consideration family needs and guarantee equal opportunities for all families. Find out more at

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