Women in tech: Workshop about online violence and cyber security

In cooperation with the Ministry of Equal Opportunities of the Brussels Capital Region, the Digital Leadership Institute (DLI) lead a seminal campaign called ‘Move It Forward', engaging teens and adult women addressing cyber violence in their communities. 

In the course of autumn 2015, DLI organised a range of workshops focusing on building awareness about the growing problem of online violence, bullying and hate speech, and providing young people and woman with skills and resources in order to tackle this problem.
The third workshop in the Move It Forward series focused on online violence. Participants were able to share their experience and discuss ways to protect and support each other. Furthermore participants explored: 
  • What do we do when someone we know is experiencing or committing cyberbullying or online harassment?
  • Who do we contact, and how can we help?
  • How we can engage the community around us in building awareness on cyberbullying, cyber violence and online harassment
  • How can we add a layer of security to our online activities?
In line with this, Insafe introduced the new Better Internet for Kids portal to the audience. Additionally, participants received some helpful online safety resources (such as the Web We Want resources for teens and educators) and learnt about our annual campaigns such as Safer Internet Day (SID).
Furthermore, Hossein Aghvami, Cyber Security & Information Technology Consultant at the European Commission shared valuable trips and tricks regarding digital security with the audience.
In the afternoon, the Belgian Safer Internet Centre, Child Focus, gave a workshop for young people in line with their campaign ‘Surf safe'.

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