Telefono Azzurro joins the YouTube Trusted Flagger Program

  • Awareness
  • 24/04/2018
  • Italian Safer Internet Centre

SOS Il Telefono Azzurro Onlus is pleased to announce its admission to the YouTube Trusted Flagger program.

YouTube has always allowed people to report content that violates its Community Guidelines. In 2012, YouTube formed the Trusted Flagger program when it was observed that certain people were particularly active in reporting Community Guideline violations with an extraordinarily high rate of accuracy. The Trusted Flagger program therefore provides more robust tools to government agencies and civil society organisations that are effective in notifying violations.

As part of this program, Trusted Flaggers receive access to a tool that allows for reporting multiple videos simultaneously. Once content is flagged, YouTube's trained team reviews it to determine if the flagged videos should be removed or not. The Trusted Flaggers' results on flagging content speak for themselves: their reports are accurate over 90 per cent of the time and, in comparison to the average flagger, are three times more accurate.

The YouTube Trusted Flagger programme includes:

  • A bulk-flagging tool that allows for reporting multiple videos at one time.
  • Private forum support for questions regarding the policy enforcement process.
  • Visibility on decisions with respect to flagged content.
  • Prioritised flag reviews for increased actionability.

Telefono Azzurro's President, Professor Caffo, is delighted that the organisation joins this fundamental task-force and welcomes the efforts of YouTube to create a safer space for all its users, particularly young children and teens, which are often target of predatory videos and comments.

For more information on the Trusted Flagger program, see How to get involved with YouTube Contributors.

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